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To be fair. Spank the rabbit in soccer winter soldier. So that to me is the biggest. Easter egg is that we may be getting ziya bradley story in this of what the government did when they didn't have cap and there's actually a really interesting door that can open their for. What if later which is what if cap had gone to peddle. Gordo which is what the general tells them to do. Says you're going to peddle. Gordo a bunch of scientists who are to try and figure out how you super soldiers shown works and had they had him there would they haven't needed to bring in the unwilling subjects and would they have been would. He have accepted arnim. Zola there as a person to be part of it. There's a lot of things you can. Dissect if cap costa palo gordo and how the pedal goto experiments would have expanded from there. That's what if that's another series we're gonna get on disney plus later and this isn't one of them but this is my pitch for. I think it would be a great story to floor anyway. Mas you know. People listening to this podcast. They might be watching it on youtube because still does put the lie feet up on youtube too with all of our with all of our unfortunate comments. That may happen. That should have been cut but don't But if people are listening to this podcast on their podcasts streaming service service whether it's apple or whatever and hey if you do do that once review say that we're we suck. I'd love it if you'd say we suck or maybe not that if you don't think we stopped you know you think we don't suck and say that you know one or the other. Just pick a lane. You keep listening. Maybe we don't suck maybe say. Hey what these guys do in the review section of your podcasting service but you may think we suck because you're using quality headphones because you had them at the dollar store like i always do because i'm a cheat. I'm a cheap. I'll be honest. I don't buy good headphones. Because you know i'm bad i'm a bad person. You wouldn't like me in personal life. And the fact of the matter is is that if i had the sense god gave the table out. Actually not just spend a dollar. Every week on more headstones. I would just go to twitter. Dot com use a coupon code. South did upon check out and get high quality headphones. That'll last year's. I don't do that because you know i'm a dummy likewise i can use that same coupon code Southgate at checkout hunting dot com could. Have these really awesome mysteries delivered to my home if you like to piece together. What's going on in the story. You can get these mysteries Delivered to your home you hope. Michelle grace of coke case. You don't even have a background of what happened in the comics. Do go back and you just have to say here. Are the facts piece together and solve them with your own hard-working brain. That sounds cool but it doesn't sound cool to you and you want something a little more light. Why don't you just go to show notes. Click on the amazon link. Go to amazon dot com. Buy literally anything in the world. Have it delivered to your house and it is going to cost you nothing to do it. That way down to our show notes. Go and it's about the show and while you're there you know pod left the book written by this update media group community about podcasting and you can get it bows in a digital version that you can read on your phone on your kindle on your computer whatever your blue light choice is for reading. Get a hard copy to keep for the fall of society which inside he falls and you want to read about the history of podcasting this will be primary source and you will want it will be on this test and in the meantime mazda doesn't need this stuff and they wanna talk to you about it. How much they loved this matter. Cut or how much they love winter soldier or how much aided to man three. And then we know there. Then we know they're crease dare you. How dare they How can they reach. You can email me. What their silly opinions at mas manzoor g mail dot com or find me on facebook undermine ause manzoor that's mo doubles e. m. a. n. z. double-o are and. Of course noah's right to me that old fashioned email way to wear a muslim superconductivity blog at times that superconductivity onward at jim dot com because they live Things when i have time in a chance in an interest use it Live tweet duck tales lou but that has ended now until the next disney after nervous show rises as the justice league did At charlie esser. That's the h. a. r. e. s. s. Look for the two years in the middle equality. Thank you us all right the sip duct the show is you know go out and frolic in the sun and know when the day comes again you can come back here with us and sale.

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