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To use. many times. this. nothing really. there's one day Fleming on the call he's in the playoffs which is nobody else in the bay area is but the Astros are up for nothing on the res and it's pop said don't feel so bad a fancy a good meal and now the pains. over. pretty much I would take her lander again a lot of man a lot in the hole and then carry. whose fate ma'am I mean like when when Billy says it's crap shoot no it's not of that team in that meeting and if you have the well if you have the Dodgers talent but the ETS and Mulder Hudson zero minister who. just seems different Berliner just post season he's like a possessed it's unbelievable Cadman I have a drug test in him yeah either dificuldade up to hers was gone out of his pants fall back it's ridiculous. man raising Astros to get cards at raise going of twins the Yankees national the Dodgers what a great by the way that's the four play yeah that is at all sense of baseball for fun by the way Flaherty is awesome. burials versus packs and that's gonna be here then you get Strauss reverses a Berliners allowed one hit. this is the same as saying he has walked three HIMSS forth fruit he's on a real we're talking about is actually off where we only fitted in before we got to the caboose here in a few minutes. Kerry Crowley of bearing is good yeah here is a Jack yet does a great job young guy and he was sort of a maybe Bob Melvin not with the ETS then I actually read a piece yesterday the New York Post that said the mats were interested I'm thinking hello the ETS let him go. yeah yeah I mean Kerr is great and we should have invited about maybe will you know next week we were busy with football today but to Kerry got you know we at the giants season is over and I got to put over on the wild card game in Oakland and then he wrote of a follow up column which I read today and I like Kerry I've had on my radio shows he's articulate is well spoken is already knows the game inside out. any floated the idea as we were talking after Wednesday night on our show yesterday and what can they do and I don't know what you can do really I I thought ownership would be you know somewhat for terror with Bailey but how can you be you know what the pay roll and everything and he's taking it to the playoffs and you know Billy mentioned when he met the media yesterday on a conference call seems like the better the playoffs a lot every week which is true but what Kerry wrote and it's hard to make things seized is not on that beat every day. somebody may have told him something where where we get this guidance to write so basically what I use thought was the premise of. is Bob Melvin the problem and I thought well they just signed Bob Melvin to a contract extension an entire year before what I was trying to connect the dots to vote she's retiring never Bob Melvins contract expires Bailey's contract expires David forced expires knives they hide far on the not gonna do that but is it. yes vocal. shell game. his pride it it the higher Bob Melvin but then you know I almost made a joke yesterday. about what really when making Callaway got five would barely trade Bob Melvin to the New York metropolitan so we traded our how to Steve Phillips the New York Mets years ago so why why your eyes getting a big Marty Feldman because I I just I I was telling you I I read this and I couldn't find who wrote it it was Joe Sherman and this is what he wrote the neuroses could he wrote this yesterday in your post you said being of the York math for the Mets also means the ability to stand the worst Bubba by he says you know who would be ideal Oakland's Bob Melvin the Billy Beane ETS once let how leave mid contract to the Mets try them but then he says yeah and he says I've been told the ETS would not allow their manager to bowl with two years left on his contract if I read in the Mets I'd call anyway well the state level so what would they trade him. we really are you trading anything give me a sinner guards. you know you can get it for you no I made a bid to compile a barbell was not the probabilities not at all that can help your team and would Billy higher but if they say they really get some Israel is mad at he's done the only time they won anything during his run. was one zero beat Johan Santana game five in Minnesota in cedar wasn't even good that day he was high in the strike zone he just you know they want. they went to the American League Championship Series against the Tigers any fired can mocca but that was after the clubhouse mutiny in Jason Kendall they were all firing of fighting so the one time the ace one he did fire the manager any did you trade our house so I I mean it's not completely inconceivable my mind never went there but what if what if they did. let him go and then trading when he was a free agent would far Han house all over. Bob Melvin I mean I I if if Bob albums out there he'd be these second most desirable Marriott hotel mail man so to me and here's the other thing too and you mention this and this is out before I mean Chuck Tanner got traded from any sale yeah right so look if if I'm a tier exaggerate right bill Belichick country and believe me would be the guy to do it I'm not suggesting I'm simply saying that if if I may team and I there's different levels where but yes off I think I'm a I'm a a Bob Melvin away too wide why wouldn't I traded guy because I I is much is the position is being the value the Mets are about a mile away they're not high no I don't think the Mets are who trade forum maybe the mass feel like they are they an exact eighty six wins this year some I spent a lot of money I had I mean would believe in if you call Billy and said I want Bob Melvin what he slammed the phone the phone on you he never has he ever done in his entire life other than the state. what a far I traded for that now. I don't know if you're pressed channel get. is gonna drag a bus in those if you like you know that Bugs Bunny episode replace every position is the days of no money now starting at first base Bugs Bunny now that exonerates Bugs Bunny I mean that that is a cluster of labor case is happy did that that's roster give. yeah I have a I I bag we had a Kerry out it's not fair but I when I read this I was like wow is it is solved it likely. another example like the cubs from the cubs guys got rid of Joe Maddon Melvin to me trade I'll trade Melvin the cubs yeah you can have your. yep you want Kyle swore birth. I also ordered the DH about forty Harley age is the very delightful trade about now that Kris Jenner does. run around Wrigley Field. there's no DH other. sorry never rushed it was well I don't deal stake him I think that I mean Bob Melvin is no reason to be you know I stern that's why I would think that from well the other thing is to is if if there's a team of things out of the box more the ETS I haven't seen a maybe it's Tampa but but I mean if you're gonna try it he never he doesn't hang up on anybody Hey I'll trade you some okay trade me okay I'm listening Hey you know we're talking about Bob Geren but if you just got bad man but the chance that I don't know I know you trim cross the bridge that's the only thing that the interest I mean I trade him but he's not training over there in order to get back. I have they got out of the hospital yeah. level okay not you know doing all right now all right we do have the caboose bill still coming up next including we always have this national day this national day that today is actually a very special national blank day I don't know if you thought about what does it over for the today it's a random day I I just know it's national this today it's is it something I'm an embrace yeah absolutely everybody in fact you know what Margarita day. close you're very close it's Friday but I I will say that at you I think this thing universally is loved in fact I've never heard one person say they don't like this I bet I really haven't I don't think I've ever heard one person say I don't like a cold pizza day. close on both our that. plus the people alike right exactly for the colleges like beer. okay gives you a melon ball of thread property given. Alan ball like. have a time a day man if I didn't have booze I would have been the zero. do I look good now. okay located now have another okay okay okay turn the lights really love the all right can lose is next on the. you are locked into pop and line on KNBR one oh four nine six eighty three sports leader. who and rocks you know about both if he's healthy values already backfield we nobody Ford that dude's gonna wreck your back field that's going to travel where ever you go when you get past question we can make a decision for wants to make a decision. Krueger and rod B. C. K. three days to order six. we are one oh four five and six V. force leader Emily's beautiful messy unpredictable things some of the closest ones aren't even related because family does doesn't just mean.

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