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And that would explain him constantly praising Putin, not sending up the Putin taking these positions that make no sense wise, Ymer Putin, the only person on earth of maybe Kim Young on recently. That he won't criticize these this is not just some, you know, rogue FBI agents who were upset about Jim coma. I think we all as Americans have plenty of reason. Now to ask is the president. I'd say it's compromise. When it comes to Russia, and the fact that we're talking about that is chilling. It's just so some days you need to step back and just remember how bonkers it's funky. If if United this conversation twenty sixteen we would have laughed it off like a bad movie plot. But here we are. Yeah. I mean, I the most serious people in the government like, Jim Komi aside. And we should say too, by the way, Russia's already getting what it wants to pull of NATO like this dysfunction in the US. This shutdown is good for Russia. Right. The US have no credibility around the world. Because it Trump is good for them people not knowing whether we're pulling on a series not. That's good for them. Like, they're getting more than a return on their investment. So okay. Not great. No. It's really speaking of disasters. British parliament just rejected Prime Minister Theresa May's Brexit deal by vote of four hundred thirty two to two that is brutal. Brutal. Jeremy Corbyn, the leader of the labour party said he's playing to offering motion of no confidence about maze of this is a disaster. Do we should talk to David lamb? Megan cool. Is there any clear Dion? What's an expert? Theresa May or Brexit or the future of the UK. No, nobody has a fucking idea. What what is going on? I mean, here's the they're basically two options. Now, the people can see I mean one is that on March twenty nine th when the deadline for the Brits leave right? So Theresa May file these papers to leave the EU two years ago from March twenty nine so by March twenty ninth they're supposed to leave the EU, right? If nothing changes if they leave without a deal, they're completely and utterly fucked. They're like stockpiling food and they're preparing for planes, not to be able to lend in UK. Because again, if they have no agreement with the EU of what their border is what their trade relationship is. You know, everything from how food comes into the. The UK from Europe to how they sell things to the Europeans all goes into question. And they'll be dramatic economic shock to the UK for that estimates that already like a trillion dollars has left the UK just out of preparation for Brexit. I'm their comic Goff a serious cliff. They'll be profound uncertainty. She's been two years doing just this. They do not only focus on one thing that fails four thirty two to to to go there, and we should add like the reason why this is such a train wreck is the Brexit campaign was run on a bunch of lies. Right. Oh, we can leave and have all the benefits of the common market with Europeans. And none of the pain. We're going to get more money somehow for our national health insurance. Nobody quite unsure how they made that case they said they were gonna have to pay the you to leave. They are going to pay Theresa May says tens of billions of dollars. So because they were lies as soon as people could see what the actual deal. Look like, well, we don't want to do this. Right. But it's all these charlatans all these people like, you know, Boris Johnson sold the British people a bag allies. Now, they there's no dealer capacity. Parliament, right?.

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