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And I think you said like, oh, you know, he has to come back to prove himself. Do you not feel like as far as a big fights a rematch against him would be the biggest right now for you are my wrong and thinking that you know that? No. Away. Oh, yeah. I would say that immediately. You know, I don't know. That's where I came over. I came over to belts, or that's why I sat down to do stuff. Like that. Like, you're paying you. The thing I'm looking for these bigger five, you know. I don't wanna. The two five division. I don't wanna go down there and fight. You know, I I don't know the guy's name, but the Russian guy he's. News news. I was I want these bigger fights the point of the career, especially you know. Division champion come out here and doing this heavyweight tournament. I was you know, every time it walked out. It was it was it was a huge fight. 'cause it was it was it was not just one five as part of the whole tournament and all that kind of stuff. And so threw me. Yeah. Those are the find somewhere, you know, the Tito's. You know, a big heavyweight fight. You wanna I wanted to five for sure. But I don't wanna just you know. Fight a guy. Nobody's ever heard of you know, I don't know. Definitely if you know if they would make up on it, definitely definitely taking lasting does does chill. Sunan constitute a big fight. Is that a big fight? Yeah. Not. Yeah. No. Jealousy. You know, he he's got his he's got his fans at all of that. And. It goes same with ITO if if they'll bell talkin justify putting it chill into two hundred five pound. Yeah. After he just got smoked with you know, with or I'm all for it. If they can deal with it. I I'm all for it for now. Enjoy the belts rind what a story. Unbelievable. And I feel like anyone who has said of the top anyone who questioned your move from the UFC Tobel tour. I don't think they have a lot to say on this Monday afternoon. This has worked out very nicely for you. And I'm very happy for you. It's nice to see with all that all that gold all those belts really cool moment on Saturday. So joy the victory. Congratulations. Thanks for stopping by and good luck with your contract negotiations and from where you go from here. Absolutely. Appreciate it. All right. We'll talk soon. There is Ryan Darth Vader, the Biltmore heavyweight and light heavyweight champion who won on Saturday in just thirty five seconds. We showed you the clip moments ago beat Qingbo in the first round of the turn amount in fifteen seconds comes back with a unique. Animus in victory over one met Matry own in these second round, and then defeats fate or Milenko and just thirty five seconds on Saturday in the end, so bell tower doesn't have a fight metric or any sort of official stats provider to the best of my knowledge. But I did ask the team here in in Bristol. Who do look at the stats and who do follow these things. And they said that there was maybe one sequence in the second round of the metro fight where he may have been hit with a punch other than that. You can pretty confidently say that Ryan Bater went through this entire tournament without getting hit once that is absurd. King MO Matt Matry own. Should remaining Akot three two heavyweights one middleweight turn light-heavyweight turn heavyweight still absurd to not get hit once. Unbelievable. He has won twelve of his last thirteen. He has won seven in a row. He has beaten everyone that both towards put in front of him. And this idea that Ryan Bater is second class this idea that you know, he couldn't hang the UCLA you'd be a top contender at two five. No doubt about it in the right now. And I like Ryan Bater at heavyweight I must say he is quick doesn't have to cut a lot of weight. Obviously, he's he's fighting to twenty something that's not bad at all. This is a nice interesting twist his career that I think a lot of us weren't expecting. So that's the Ryan Bater story. That's what happened in the main event and overall it was a fun night as far as Baltimore's concerned friend of the program, AJ ags..

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