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And the same thing with trying to find that third person that jeff green it will will larry nance junior have the game that he had a game one where he was all over the glass again eleven rebounds are he was able to get easy baskets well we see that in game two or is that going to be someone else coming off the bench and will they actually play rodney hood who's never been ever in his career and now he's might get a chance to play a game two we'll call corby able should baltimore threes see the thing with the warriors is we know what they are we know what they can accomplish with this cavs team it's hard for you to pinpoint outside lebron what you're going to get from night tonight and that's the reason why that you don't really feel good about the cavs because you know what lebron can do but who's the second and third banana that's the question mark but i heard tyler say yesterday lebron can do more what can the bra do more of is my question what is tied lou well we couldn't we can get more from the brian you can you cannot get more from lebron lebron scored fifty one points and you still lost and please don't give me the the carnival barker hot taker opinion that i heard on friday world if lebron was a real man like nj you wouldn't have gone over four and overtime got fifty one and regulation okay that should have been enough to win what more can lebron possibly do this understand that the the people were saying that the people that were saying that that you read the papa troll rates much better than those shows that you were talking about so i understand what you're saying what he probably was talking about is defensively like the whole team could be better but there's some mississauga's by lebron james and that's probably what he's identifying like offensively.

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