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I can't imagine him getting outside of the top fifteen. And so the conversation now is on this Calum Murray. Love baseball more than football. Or is he really a football player based on my interactions with him while he was in high school. This dude is the dawn when it comes to high school football in Texas forty-three. No as a high school player Allen, Texas won three straight state titles. People would say you that he may be the best high school player to ever come out of this state Bassein a lot you didn't say. Iowa. The Texas high school players ever come out of their state goes to Texas in him where his dad had played transfers to Oklahoma and all he has done in Oklahoma is to step in and replace a Heisman Trophy winner. And better that Heisman Trophy winner. Baker Mayfield seasons better pass inefficiency has jumped into that office in Addison Jews rush for eight hundred yards. And when you think about pros, and who we could be Baker Mayfield. Obviously is going to be a natural comparison. Russell Wilson is going to be a natural comparison because he's a two sport athlete who also played baseball. But I'm gonna tell you calamari is more dynamic than Russell Wilson is oh say don't say more. Are you have to say my Vic? None almo call them. I woke Oh, up. my visa he's he's he's only five nine. So I can't call them. My Russell Wilson's a more natural comparison. But look man, you think about Baker Mayfield being number one overall. I think Baker Mayfield success in the league immediately pays the way for Cala Murray to be a first round pick and four team to look at him. And seriously consider him as a franchise quarterback. If he decides to move on from baseball, you probably a lot of great points there. How difficult is that to walk into a situation where someone is already set the bar to the tune of a Heisman Trophy a lot of hype? And then he goes off into the NFL success talking about Baker. But not you mentioned he goes in any any better him gets a highs mcginnis scenes in a chance of position, you know, to win a national championship. Obviously they have to take care of Alabama. But they have a chance to do. So. You just said something earlier that I think is key in life. There comes a point when you have to realize or consider what you want they want and mama wants not with that wants a high school coach in any sport. Once what do I want, and I was thinking about this? And it's easy, you know, two months ago, we're when we're having these conversations we always go. What are we say longevity is in baseball, and you would know from playing in the pros and NFL? Hey, healthier body comes from baseball less injuries. And those things are true. But when he closes his eyes at night for the last decade of his life would does he envision is. He thinking about me throwing a touchdown pass someone in this to win a Super Bowl. Or did you thinking about hitting a home run or making it out in the World Series? And I think it's footballs you mentioned to come from Texas to be considered arguably greatest high school football player in Texas, which is absolutely incredible. And then subdue what he's done in college football. Now, have you mentioned as he's all of a sudden, these pro scouts are saying, wait a minute is all..

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