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Yes let's yes of a tangible than just a theoretical fiction. Well yeah i've ratio Please please on yeah. I i want to introduce one other idea here. You're familiar with. But i'm guessing that not everyone who listens or watches. This might be familiar. And that is the idea that in one respect god is unchanging and another respect. God changes in one respect. God is unaffected and another respect. God is affected and the way this is usually talked about. In academic theology is di polar theism. It's not a word. I particularly like myself. But it's a way to talk about how god has experiences that are changing but in nature or an essence that is unchanging so to go back to my reference to the greek gods who you know were personal beings but had all these moral failings and so people say well we don't want wanna god with moral failings this view that god's nature is unchanging eternal fixed immutable etc that allows god to be loving at all times and all places and god will never not love anyone because that's god's nature but because god experiences time moment by moment god is in experiencing being god engages in giving and receiving and therefore changes inexperienced moment by moment of that i think is one of the most important and profound ideas that the twentieth century has provided a theology. I mean you could find hints of it previously but it was best articulated i in the twentieth century and so i found that foil fencing acting as well because if we predicting that context of of jesus repeating are in contrast to the gods fickle that one day might be full year and nick state. Gainst you one date by with life you make statement would slow to your fam- a riot. Netcom tate's the revelation of the three dog is such good news because all nights shit is by force now. We experienced that quality with some people in our lives with people. You can rely on and people you call. People have developed that quality of final s. And if i've given the way that will stay the new with every with into our full big promise etcetera. A we are familiar with quality that a fight fullness people who are similar asli growing and rates and changing their changing experiences. It safe tra. And so the guy Sink of gods Stems jesus uses the made to fall off apparent The now on my parents have changed throughout since. I was struggling to now yet. Bay some qualities that they've become richer and stronger and and be faithfulness. Trip continued so the gang. Even we need to find language decide to speak of dogs and changing thankfulness. And the fact that he is still she got a still actualising possibilities were andrea lastly full so they something changing as well and that be is now a beautiful quality icon to icon. Take away the realization of possibilities or this of creativity. Contact direct optic quesion. Regard is not feel that on diminishing so this bay something about creativity about unfulfilled potential..

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