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Rich heath four two three to westbound of Carter from the lake with interchange to Culverhouse cross link closed for it appears in, Northamptonshire Rushton the six not north find is closed. Because of an accident I am twenty and Kanye west, junctions to eight traffic teach people on the roads and Dave Nathan eastbound after the Woodleigh junction within settling shop on accident What Action what is your status? Over just say money, supermarket and now I feel airbag over Do you think. This is a good time? Based come on this. Congo line needs me every time Save with money supermarket Just when you, turn Leviathan. Of. Chat rides again Hello I'm. James Webb radio presenter Afraid I believe the media should be well balanced myself Jerry. Jones. Way remember filled up my law swimming cost nothing James And somebody said, careful The other, one hundred. Percent wail zero percent I want to know whether or not to route tomorrow night from seven on talk radio On Sunday breakfast with penny Smith off so we'll get you talking Wow that's.

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