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No. Put put your paper money away. Not gonna happen. Bill got he was all excited, too. So they have charged. Well, let me get the story here. They've charged Kyle Riton house with six counts of all sorts of different things. Charges. Finally, this is the Kenosha shooter. So what Always he charged with? Well, a couple of counts of first degree murder. First degree. Reckless homicide is what they're saying. Reckless homicide use of a dangerous weapon. They said that he did recklessly caused the death of Joseph Rosen bomb under circumstances which show utter disregard for human life. Going to the complaint. The charge carries a maximum sentence of 65 years in prison if convicted, second degree is first degree recklessly endangering safety use of a dangerous weapon. Allegedly recklessly endanger the safety of Richard McGinnis. Under circumstances, which show utter disregard for human life. Now Richard McGinnis is the daily caller. Report and we'll get to that in a moment. And so I guess they say he shot and this guy was standing behind Rosenblum. No, it let me get to the other things have to do with, you know, having a gun when you're under The age of 18 and blah, blah, blah. What's that, by the way, Kerry's Ah think a nine month sentence it's a class a misdemeanor. For carrying a weapon going on with a dangerous weapon under the age of 18. And and so here's the deal. People are saying, Well, it looks like this guy was in self defense. We go back to Richie McGinnis. Richie McGinnis is the reporter for He's actually a photographer. I believe for the daily caller. And the Daily caller had several people on the scene in Kenosha and Richie had just Actually nothing. Ritchie had just interviewed this guy. You've gotten some video. Of Rittenhouse and asked him what he's doing, and he says, You know, we're here to protect them. This car lot in blood. I mean, hey, said, I'm here to help people. I mean to help you, but I got a med kit if I need to, And they said earlier he had been actually offering assistance to those folks who've been injured by the police and their tear gas, rubber bullets or whatever. And so as Richie says it in the complaint, and this is from the completes the police complaint. Richie McGinniss, who writes or works for the daily caller. Says If he was he had just talked to this guy. Riton house and then all of a sudden He heard a shot ring out somewhere. So it wasn't Kyle Riton house who fired the shot? And if you look at some other video, there's a really several guys with guns. But there's one guy who's really nervous. I mean, he's like Barney Frank. Five, nervous, you know, and he's way too nervous to be carrying a gun. I can tell you that he's not calm, cool and collected. And I don't know whether he's the one who shot a warning shot. But at that point mayhem breaks lose. And so people start running. Well, one of the dudes starts running for Kyle Riton house. And that is this Rosen bomb guy. And this is the guy. Well, well, we talked about this in the sixth block our yesterday I went over all the details of this. But this is the guy the first person who was shot Joseph Rosenbaum. So, according to Richie. Who works for Ah Richie McGinniss, who works for the Daily caller. He was following them as they're running. So he saw what happened. And he says that Rosen bomb he's the bald guy who was a child molester. And the antifa guy, But they seem to go hand in hand these days, so Rosen bomb was was trying to attack. Kyle ridden house and was going for his gun trying to grab his gun away from him. And Riton house. Let him up. Shot him A couple of times, maybe three. And shot him in the growing and then shot him somewhere in the stomach. I believe And then grazed his head. And so this guy, he's on the ground lying there. And this makes sense to me now because the very first video I saw Was from somebody that was coming up behind. Richie McGinnis and Richard McGuinness. If you've seen this video, he's got a black shirt on. He takes the shirt off so that it can try to stop the bleeding on the side of the head of this Joseph Rosenbaum. And I said, and somebody somebody is there. They've got the video camera on Rosenbaum on the ground and some woman and some guys saying We need to call an ambulance or something like that. And the and the you can hear a female voice saying you shot him. You shot him. Why did you shoot it? Well, she's apparently talking to Kyle right now because he's come over to see what the damage is. And so somebody says, Call 911. So apparently, he calls 900 recall somebody because he has heard on another video saying I shot somebody. And so then about then, is when the other folks See him and start running for him. So he's running down the street. He's got the cell phone. I don't know where he puts his cellphone in his pocket or whatever, but at some point, either he's pushed down or he trips and falls and rolls and one of the guys tries to jump on him but jumps over him. And then Anthony Huber. Who has a skateboard. He's some sort of semi professional skateboarder and also a wife beater. But that's a different story. And it's also antifa black sort of goes hand in hand, too. He hits him with a skateboard. Tries to hit him in the head. But Kyle Rittenhouse leans over and he hits him on his shoulder. And then a cz. He's trying to hit him again. Kyle Lights him up. Well, he staggers over to the side. And then there's a third guy. And this guy is at first, and I'm watching the video of this. This guy's gauge Gross Krauts. At first when I saw that he shot him. I'm going to want to shoot him. And then when you see a closer of video, you understand why This is the guy If you've seen the video, he shoots him in the arm in the forearm, and it looks like on the underside of the forum, and it almost looks like he shot his arm in half or, you know, just went through it. And But when you get closer and you look at the video, there's one closer to it..

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