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So the daughter Livia Jade, not breaking down DNA in the basement. She's a pretty girl who had managed to find a million or two million, followers and had deals with Amazon and Sephora and other things that's a career. Now, it is. I don't know that she needed to go to school. So that's why I keep coming back to the same thing. Parents want to be able to go to the party some parents want to be able to go to the party, and what are your kids doing on? My kids are at USC. They want to be able to tell that story. Well, I mean, look you just look back now and think you made this decision, but the kids eighteen years old. They absolutely knew what was happening and now for the rest of their life. The first thing that comes up on Google about them is going to be this thing, you have no one's ever gonna think anything differently Belen daughter a felon Sun Valley. I mean, it's you know, it's heartbreaking. But we were just talking in the break. There's eighteen year olds going off to fight the gifts stand. So I mean, it's hard to really feel like out now this poor kid has made their life terrible. They made a choice, and it was a bad one. What about the idea that private schools that all pass themselves off as not for profit institutions engaged in these scams? Donate a complete Proctor logical exam top to bottom financially. Well, I mean, look if if you're getting a tax benefit from the government, then you gotta make an even playing field and private schools have always been a separate market. But you know, I mean, that's it's bananas to me that that they can go on and act like these rules, don't apply to them and donations. Let people get in and. It's one thing to to be an athlete and a student athlete. It's another thing to have a rich. And then it's another thing to commit fraud. So are going on at the best institutions in the country. Now sports we've known this has gone on sports forever. But I think one of the reasons this has resonated with people is because this is the quote regular student population. Where slots were taken away from regular kids. So you got some kid from a middle class family who's busted his or her. But you know, who knocked out twenty hundred twenty one hundred twenty two hundred on the SAT's, and they didn't get in. Because of Livia Jade made the crew team. I'd be upset to also you want to say, your life's your kids can have a great life. Absolutely. Don't worry about it so much your kids can have a great life, regardless of where they went to school because you're doing great, and you're going to be able to help have you ever met an adult who had the full four year college experience. It went. Oh it sucked. Most people go. No, my college. Experience was great. I went to what a great town because it's such amazing four years. Your life ca times. Well, who knows I mean, they've taken something wonderful and made it not so, but maybe it makes people change think about this stuff. So what are you doing the meeting at the lifetime? You know, if you're Lori Loughlin start player. She's you're eighteen Goto. I think you say how do we make movie about the college scandal? Right. It makes sense. But my wrong about this. I don't see a lot of lifetime films, but the bad guy or the bad girl on lifetime films. Never all that evil. Are they well mostly because I think if you made the lifetime movie, what would happen is you would find out later that that she was like grew up in the town of the college, and she had to be a waitress in the cafeteria and all her life expired, and so then you, you know, we have a warm it would have a warm ending the character arc of someone who made a mistake. Right. But they they shouldn't have done. But it was for the right reasons. I mean, I think when we look at this stuff these guys committed a crime, and they're getting tons of the benefit of the doubt. They they have money. They get on. Jail. They don't have to wait. They'll get great lawyers. Lots of people make stupid mistakes, and they don't have those benefits and they end up sitting in county jail or some other where you know, and not that that's something to aspire to. It's just it's easier to feel sorry for these people because we feel like we know them a little bit. Because they've been in your living room. What if you're a professor or a part time professor, and you're making you're making a lot of money and seventy knocks on your door and says, I can get two hundred fifty thousand dollars you got to move. This pile of papers from here over here. I think do I want to be employed for the rest of my life. I mean, it's a real test of character. Yeah. That was a test for these kids I'm gonna fly to LA and put you in a room, and you're going to take a test. And there's going to be somebody there looking at all of your answers. Don't think that's weird. And I. And I. Daddy. It's probably hard for kids to push back on their parents. But it's also, you know, it's like a lot of things in life. I if you take the easy, there's the hard right in these Iran, and no matter where you are. Economically. Dave what's going to happen to that coach that took? I think it was a half million dollars. But put it back into the program at the school. Do you know the story is a coach in the middle of this scandal? Who got I don't several hundred thousand dollars and took the money, but didn't keep the money. Right. All the money. But then to alleviate his guilt or something. He put some of it back in school. Yeah. Right now, he's trying to to stay on right and trying to keep his he's asking that he be allowed to coach. So that seems like a hard one. Because if you're the trustees, you go will you kept some of them, how about some, you know, NC double A, recruit takes a dinner or something from a recruiter and gets totally bounced out of the program, which could be a very honest mistake. That's what they've the NCWA rules the arcane NCWA rules are insane. Those kids need a union. I that is that is for media NCWA when it comes to men's basketball and football in these highly profitable sports, the idea that these young people get nothing long-term. They're not even guaranteed a full four years college. I mean that is I am a coach recruited you. They get you to go to that school can leave at any time because he's offered multi million dollars to go somewhere else. He's bonus on you coming and choosing and you playing and then he can, you know, take that and leave when that kid from northwestern was that football player was pushing on the the union issue. I think that's the only way to to move the needle with the NCWA can fix. All this. Justin kaufman. Doesn't governor standing by? I guess he's enjoying getting up late now. Good morning. Good morning. I want to be the first to say happy birthday. Steve. Thank you very much. I appreciate that. I'm going to put you in a way back machine and get that done. Yeah. It's not today. I thought it was today. Now, actually you were one of the first people to texts. So that was nice of you. I appreciate that. That's the world we live in now, the text happy birthday. Twin so long. I mean, the last show it's Friday, it feels like it was five years ago. You still have you still have your goatee, Dave? I haven't seen you in so long. Yeah. Yeah. Harry's razor we're looking forward to a reunion party the memo Goffin tonight will have his first show in the relaunch of extension. Seven twenty the show made famous by Milt Rosenberg for all those years. No pressure on you, pal. It's fun because you know, just going through the archives tapes and listening to Bill, and you know, that show was launched in may of nineteen sixty eight and Iran to the beginning of this decade and note was the host for almost the entirety of it. There were a couple of hosts right at the beginning that did like maybe for a very short stint before milk over. It's tremendous to see the breath and the and the and just the overall canon of work to do that show in you know, every single day and every single night and it's daunting to look at him. What a legend to be able to do that. There's no way I could fill the shoes. For me. I'm just gonna put tapes of Milton. That quite a highlighter to guest tonight, Alex, Scott, which is my guess, he's being where he's the author of un-american summer life and death in Chicago, which is a new book just really outstanding. It's a it's a book about he followed that families, and and people on the south side of Chicago west side, Chicago in the summer twenty and you know, obviously if focuses on on gun violence, but what it does is. It's less about the victims of gun violence and more about the people left behind, and it's it's it's sort of a look at what they call complex loss. It's it's more than PTSD. It's it's what happens to families survivors too. Sometimes the shooter's cells, and and just the impact of violence and trauma. Communities in Alex's award winning journalists. He's not so much for the city. He did their children here, which was a great book in the early nineties about public housing projects. And he's just been a tremendous journalist, and this is his new work. So we're talk with him. Also Keenan Thompson from SNL will be. Yes. Yeah. Good stuff. Yeah. And a lot of good. You know, I did the show at night the download for a long time. So I know the listeners there, and I know the I know the the nighttime feel and it's starting to get back at it and take some of the stuff that I learned from that show and also some of the stuff and learning from an extensive seven twenty and create something new. I'd say it's an extension of extension seven twenty you. Well, Steve did there. I did see what you did there and the foreign let you go. Is there a roadmap Dominy times? We're going to be able to hear you because with baseball. It gets weird. Yeah. Baseball's going to get weird. So I'm kind of approaching it like a weekly show even daily show. It's every night. But the White Sox, of course, play a lot of baseball games in summer. So I'm preempted when the White Sox are are playing. But I'm approaching it like, I know I have kids feels like it's two or three shows a week. And I'm approaching it like a weekly show, which gives Pete Nye a little bit more time to think about what we want to put on a show how the segments connect to go out and sealed and do some stuff that to bring some audience and production to the show that we couldn't do a daily show. So in a way, it makes the product a little bit more sustaining having the ability to think of it that way as opposed to as you know, every single day where where you're just kind of in the meat grinder, the coal mining that we do every morning here. That's right. Oh, how do we do it your wardrobe change at all because it's nights you wear. More of a club shirt, maybe unbuttoned to the waist. It's a club shirt, and then a tweed jacket. It's all tweed. Twenty two cents. Sometimes it's a it's a throwback to tweet. It's a it's a little bit of tweed pants. It's tweed shirt. You have a plight. I gotta get a pi I'm gonna go to the it's a vape pen twenty nineteen. There's no more. That's right. You're upgrading the look. Right, man. Are you going to be great at buddy? I appreciate it. Great to talk to you guys. All right. Got Justin Kaufman. Take care..

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