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All right back to the questions are burning questions as we call them one sort of looking backwards a little bit but of course it impacts moving forward best under the radar season. Move trae guinness started. What got your attention skates. I gotta ask you a question. I yeah how are we going here. How deep is an under the radar. Offseason move. I love the robert covington. Move for the blazers. This guy started for a playoff team. He's gonna start for another playoff team. He's made all defense in the past. The blazers traded two first round picks for him. This was a big over the radar move. Would you agree. Yes like like the start of a binge episode. I want you to go. Oh we're going. Righty then let me hit you with a little. Seth curry to the seventy six. He shook start. he's gonna shoot for the sixers. He's got great percentages by percentage. The greatest shooter in nba history. Just like leila's the greatest shooter in no dunks history. South korea only took five threes per game last year though. I don't know exactly how he will work in. The doc rivers system. But you have to imagine he's going to be taken more than that. Maybe eight or nine and that to me is the huge benefit over josh. Richardson was probably a better player on whole but curry. Just lets it fly and that let it. Fly factor is so huge josh. Richardson would get a lotta looks on the outside that may be turned into a pump fake and suddenly shooting a twenty foot or rather than. Something's going to be worth another point by taking a few steps back. I just like adding a guy who always going to do is every time he touches it. Make the right pass or shoot a three. That's exactly what the sixers need downgrading talent wise. I think upped their floor and their ceiling. A little bit getting a guy who's just gonna be a knockdown shooter. Love it for seth curry not to mention. They're getting some financial benefits as well. Josh is gonna be a free agent after this season whereas stuff. Seth curry is locked in for another three years on a pretty good deal. This was a great get for the sixers. Ironically i think josh richardson hit lake six threes. Last night for the mavericks. So yeah he's stepping back taking your advice there and trade. But that's a deep one. I liked that. Seth curry pick people are people are excited about getting shooters back around simmons and embiid. How daca implements them. Do you got really. I like big. Stephen adams going to the new orleans. Pelicans i was in a trade that big four right but i mean not in a hell under the radar that kansas stevens a very good player but they re they re upped in for two years and thirty five mill- while he was there so he's a part of their short term future there for sure people disagree with this one league. Hollander is not very high. What i'd like about it though is he's just a good strong tough guy. Which is what those younger guys. Ingram and zoya on me. Because i have powerful guy. But he's still a young he's body is still got some some maturing to do that and i have stephen having stephen adams as well. He's a great screen setup. He gets in there and get size rebounds. He's just a good solid defensive. Play and that's what these young go has needs because brandon ingram. I mean what's he got into his fifth season. Is it a full season. He still looks just so you know he's. He's one of those guys like chris bosh she just can't put white on. It seems and so. I think that's going to be as great as he's offensively. He was very good last season. He does get He becomes a little bit exposed on the defensive. I'm just because he can't sort of box guys in uses body to his advantage. So i think having stephen adams is a nice contribution to that team a nice addition i think it was good if david griffin to go out and get him. I was super super high on him when they made the pick. I do understand the feeling out there. That stephen adams just clogs the lane for zion williamson and other guys Because they're just not a lot of shooting on that team as ion needs to get to the rim. If you see a shot chart from last night it's just a bunch of dots at the rim us. Yeah and eric. Bledsoe ain't stretching out. You can leave him. Lonzo ball although that shot his improved. That's that's a worry. But i am in the the the camp that somehow stephen adams is gonna make things right. It's probably a bit of a just just a. It's a love affair with stephen adams that i have. That's why i'm definitely. I feel good about standing. Gun is obviously going to like him at the rim to make his defensive presence known but they're gonna have to figure that out him in in zion for sure zion handling the ball there though on the outside guys are sagging off him and it almost doesn't matter he's just going to get to the rim no matter. What even if there isn't any shooting out there it sure looks like he's just too big and too strong so He's got that juice going. Everybody excited for him last year. Kool-aid drunken in the preseason. It seems like it's happening again. He is he is looking He's looking good so far. Who do you have tasks as you're on the radar move like trey. I'm going to be into the league Brin forbes of the all right. I thought i was deep. And you went subterranean four marina four. Yeah maybe i'm overvaluing him. Because his last name was forbes on your list. Yeah he's on my top fifty of this year under the radar. Definitely abu for the san antonio spurs in four years. He shot forty percent from three. He is a start of the last two years. For the spurs. He's twenty seven years old so he knows his role lake. Sorta seth curry. This is where he gets his money. He's just gotta be a shooter and who is going to be. That guy is trade brought up earlier. You know your four guys on the floor gonna be drew janice brook lopez's in chris middleton forbes isn't a defender a but at the same time with those four guys i mentioned probably not at is you can look back at the bucks last year and say well kyle korver. Didn't really work out. Sort of in that same vein. Marvin williams really workout. He's in that same vein but burns a lot younger. And i just got faith in him as a to a defender and he's going to get some minutes get some burned. Because he's blamed for mike budenholzer and so dante di vincenzo. Starting shooting at this point a informed. I think we'll get his chance in the backward along with dj augustine and the guy guys just lights it up so just stand there and hit shots..

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