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Slash Salt Lake City. I think somebody's really got to put a stop to net flix somewhere along the line. Well, they're now they're in neighbouring Gwyneth Paltrow, what they're gonna they're gonna make a TV show goop the TV show like QVC where they're just going to sell expensive. They've made rather going to do a docu series on Google according to variety and confirmed by w the series will consist of thirty minute episodes hosted by goop editors chief content officer Elise. Lauren Loenen and Paul throw. The team will utilize experts doctors and researchers to examine issues relating to physical and spiritual wellness the production team seats to dial up the aesthetics and quality of storytelling surrounding issues like mental physical and sexual health and address larger thematic questions the goop audience has about leading. Optimal lives. Also, this quote, Gwyneth is a highly visual tactile person, the quality of everything that we produce is very important to her. She's always looking for white space. Whether it's developing that means she's she's white person. Whether she's about one of the whitest people on the planet. Whether it's developing physical products were thinking of content with this show. I think she's only really interested in opportunities where we can uniquely be ourselves and do things potentially disruptive. So relatable. I didn't follow. That are aren't we all looking for highly tactical white space? Perhaps the Gupte TV show can be nothing but white space that'd be disrupted. What that is Jerry. You'll find out. I'll watch. Eagle mountain Utah. Place where there are a lot of where there's a lot of white space. Utah county man was arrested after police said he crashed into Facebook security gates in eagle mountain while drunk on Yegor might stir and then was combative with arresting officer's a probable cause statement released by the Utah county jail said that on Friday officers responded to a traffic offence involving domestic disputes dispute. Wherein intoxicated man, you could smell the girl that ran through the security gate at a Facebook with facility. Police learned that Geoffrey Giles had kicked the woman who was involved in the domestic dispute with. That's not written correctly. Anyway, he kicked the woman out of his car, and he was going to eagle mountain to fight with the passengers family of my car. I'm going to go fight with your family. No, no. When you do a Facebook fight that's on the computer. You don't actually drive. Facebook. I'm gonna make a real police arrived at the woman's family home. According to the statement and inform them of the possible issue. The residence deputies noticed that a red Mazda had run through the security fence of a Facebook, the syllabi and become disabled officers located the it was unoccupied. The statement said Giles was found in the area. Shortly thereafter, police said an odor of alcohol. Yeager was coming from Giles when he was found. He was combative the woman who was kicked out of the vehicle later told police that gates had been drinking Yeager liquor. I have found makes me very short. Police right. Ms writes, Mr. Giles said f you and FM? Okay. You're so mean when you're drunk. Yes. He is the Utah Senate. As voted twenty two two seven to pass a Bill that replaces proposition three the medical Medicaid expansion initiative. It came after a heated debate in the Senate on Monday with Republicans and Democrats divided on whether prop three Medicaid expansion for all in that need it and the tax like covers enough of the Bill become true. There's a lot of talk that we're simply repealing prop three. We're not Senator Alan christianson. GOP senators Lee rewrote, eight fear that what voters approved is a budget BUSTER with the sales tax hike inadequate to fund ballooning medical costs. I truly don't think the voters understood that this was a bayton switch that there wasn't enough money. I heard these arguments to fully fund that the voter misunderstood if they were truly educated about this topic. They wouldn't have voted for it. I would just like to use these arguments with orange Forty-five if we could the voters truly didn't know what they were loading for. And if they had truly been educated about it. They will listen to Lincoln Fillmore of South Georgia voters can't overrule the laws of mathematics. The Bill has been plagued with shifting numbers. I, you know, they look cruelty is the point with them. That's that's really the end game. Here's here's what a democrat said. This is lose s Camille. She's tried to block the plan. If we don't get anything. We're actually going back instead of going forward were dropping everything. And this is concerning. Senate majority leader said repealing everything gives federal officials motivation to work with Utah. Get the waiver. But they're doing was like they're hoping that the federal government turns them. In the sense. That says he says he says if the waivers never granted, then we're left with nothing. Exactly. And he's hoping for the get no waivers. We get nothing else. And we're back to ground zero without any expansion because cruelty is that's what he wants people are sick now, sir. This is not real. I've never met her problem. Right sports, weather traffic. Well, you know who else is upset corn Twitter. Twitter about the about the Bud Light. And they're furious. The Bill the NCAA the national corn syrup group of America. Yup. Fears fear with the Bud Light ads saying the corn syrup in Miller lite, and in cores, listen, I don't care what years of scientific study say corn syrup is just fine. They say we would love to discuss with you the many benefits of corn. There are benefits of corn corn is gone. There are some things that corn is good somebody else's. I'm disappointed that bud. Light chose to denigrate corn leave us out of your beer wars jeopardize our government money that we get I just love. The corn Twitter is upset. All right. They're having none of it. So that was sports weather weather, so rain turning to snow. It will be warm. So I think it'll be a while before we have actual snow here in the valley but up in the mountains, they're gonna get dumped on forty three for a high today. Traffic we've got see crash. Eighty nine at milepost three twelve that's US six junction in Utah county crash. Eastbound ninety yourself old Bingham highway in west Jordan, the right shoulder affected there. I haven't seen an alert to weather little Cottonwood canyon is open or not yet. So if you're if you're sitting there waiting to go skiing, and it's not open yet. A text me and let me know three three nine eight six here's Boehner candidate number three what poor baby she loves show business Russian. Couple has been detained by police in Malaysia for putting on an apparent street performance in which their four month old baby was swung around by her ankles and tossed in the air the man and his wife have been dubbed beg Packers. They were busted by cops on Monday in the middle of their street act in Kuala Lumpur. We detain them on Monday for questioning over the alleged abuse of their four month old baby girl, the clip posted on Facebook shows a man. Wearing blue shorts. Swinging a diaper clad baby from the ankles his legs to the tune of music as spectators gather round, I happen to pass by this area. And I see this irresponsible act that can literally cause injury to that poor baby these street performers need to be arrested. They were in fact, arrested for swinging the baby around to music and asking for donations. What poor baby she loves show business. Boehner candidate number three. Let's review the first two and vote Boehner candidate number one. That's no ghost. These stupid these stupid college girls, there's a ghost in our apartment. No, it's a guy living in your closet and wearing your clothes Boehner. Candidate number two. It's my intention to comply with the totally awesome requirements of the court super del Sean zi once again. In trouble with the wall. This time shooting targets too close to his neighbor's homes and Boehner candidate number three well to poor baby. She loves show.

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