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Well, I guess what I would ask you is, what would you do a point guard like at the end of the day? They're not very good right now, but they need to get to the point where they are good by the time mid January rolls around right? So do you keep playing Jeremy roach and DJ Stewart together and hope that Jeremy roach figures it out cuz I don't think DJ stewards really a point guard. I think he's you want to play him to where he's freed up the score and maybe have him yeah defend point of attack. I don't think Jaylen Johnson is really a half-court point guard. Like I think I would rather have him Just with the freedom to push and transition and then not have to play as like a half-court point guard necessarily because what do you think? What do you want? Like come on the way and the elbow just I mean, what I would do is I would like stretch it out. Like I would I would start brakefield first and foremost cuz brakefield can actually shoot and I would go kind of five out and I would say you're going You're Going the Virginia division three 5 out. No, not necessarily that but I've played ball screen heavy offense with one of them and I would use jail and Josh is the screener and put him in short roles constantly and let him take advantage of four on threes and then maybe put that hurt in the corner. Yeah. Stretch it out a little bit Yeah, and then you said it was a cutter and everything right choice. You can roll then you can stay at the top the next time you clear it aside. He makes a play you still keep going with roaches and Steward over a gold wire like you have to I will say like I think Jordan goldwire is better than girls. Ramiro's right now, but maybe maybe right now I have faith in you know Road I do. Yeah if Jordan goldwire is still their best point guard at the end of the year. They are in deep shit. I think wage like no disrespect to join Global. I tried again. I try to be so respectful and you just come up with a knockout punch like this is how we really feel wage. Look Jordan goldwire is like a pretty consistent 20-plus turnover percentage guy who doesn't really shoot it. So he plays great defense and he's like people shit on him as a guy that you know, how did he end up at Duke he was you know, where were his offers his offers were like Mercer and Duke and that was it took like I think he's very clearly a like good enough player to play at Duke and that is a commendable outcome for him and he's worked his ass off to get there. But like this is a team that has like National Title hopes and I don't think that Jordan goldwire is necessarily the guys going to get them there in the half-court. Well, they have wage I mean Bellarmine Abella mind my saying the wrong Belair mean I believe. Yeah, I think so too the Bellarmine tomorrow will Friday it's going to post then he'll on Sunday think he wants playing again right now with a partner. Sorry the postponed so they have better mean and then they play again Tuesday December 8th against Illinois. That will also be a tough one that came back. I don't know if like it matters very play anymore. I know you gotta fly and get on the get on the road a little bit, but I don't think like I said home-court Advantage anymore. I can't tell but yeah, that'll be I mean those guys are pretty Relentless off..

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