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Van Damme and just got broader making sense of it all having some fun Frances this is mark and robin Robbins of tensions between the United States and our on heating up the Middle East I sub cease ominous warnings from the federal stalking about how the media is lying about the attacks and basically to save Obama's legacy with the Iran nuclear deal well there are some but backed out of that I mean there are some people who appear to be openly celebrating Iran right now we're rooting for Iran you talked about joy Reid from MSNBC earlier and it is one of those things where you see the New York times talking about these attackers as mourners right or the Washington post its protesters as their attacks him see and you're like okay exactly what's going on here you can get so deep in the weeds like a lot of things in the Middle East because it goes back centuries as to where we got to this place in time but it's pretty easy to see that this is a run in Iraq Iraqis that want their sovereignty don't want a ride in their in Iran wants to be in there and so if you go back to you know the Iran deal with Obama when he basically said you're all gonna have told learn to share the neighborhood Saudi Arabia and cities across the nation everybody in the Middle East as always been really good at that historically right Hey just share the neighborhood which I mean give me a break man the welcome wagon yes good bombs in adult by the way just a quick question you will get a little bit deeper into this do you think Obama at the time viewed himself as the great peacemaker of the planet like I've already won the Nobel Prize I will be able to bring peace to the Middle East and this is how I'm going to do it that he had that sort of god complex well I think you have to be influenced by his own by the adulation sometimes I mean and couldn't help but be right well I I I think he he didn't really believe that if people are not shouting death to America than there was a win there would really it's like no you just kind of gave them everything they wanted right it made no sense to me and it again man if you just played out you would know where this ends up it seems to me like it wasn't so much a complex although that is in play it's also he was picking sides in my opinion a lot of times the wrong side but that's what the whole you know article from the Federal she's kind of getting at that's why the media is painting a different picture of what's going on right now than what reality is which does make a lot of sense to me ed says the media's goals to characterize the protest is a wholesale rejection of trump's policies in the region hence the wall to wall disinformation about morning in pro testing yeah that makes sense you know again to get all deep in the weeds on all of it not something I really want to do in depth but it's not that hard to see what's going on there and what we got a quick pour in a ton of our money in two you know different places that are run by terrorists it I mean it makes sense or twenty three trillion in debt and we're following all this money there yeah that that needs to stop meanwhile is go to CNN and the rise in anti semitism yes you're seeing the story of more and more yeah more and I mean there were just a couple of people arrested for a different answers medic attack but there is a big one in New York just outside of New York City where dude with a machete attacked a group of people gathered at a rabbi's home for Hanukkah and this follows a whole lot of anti semitic attacks in New York in New Jersey all of which you know have suspiciously flown under the radar because most of them have not been carried out by a white dude wearing a magic hat right correct so that is true to the hate crime narrative suddenly disappears and now it's about a complicated racial relationships this seriously that's what my god now CNN had a pretty awkward moment talking about Jake tapper was talking to Barry Weiss a writer who just put out a book on antisemitism and I think it starts out interesting because Jake tapper is calling himself out and then it gets a little complicated as it goes on okay this is kind of a sensitive question but do you think the reaction by politicians and the media would be any.

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