Justin Herbert, Doug Peterson, Andrew Luck discussed on The Dan Patrick Show


He would have been taking them one over all the year before. Maybe even his after his freshman year, obviously, as well. Where is he developing with this new offense and this new coaching staff? I think he's back to being the player that we thought he would be when he came out of Clemson. There was a lot of the comparison in terms of can't miss prospect, God is very similar to Andrew Luck in terms of you know what you're getting when you get him in the building. I say all of that stuff is still true. Outstanding talent guy is big time arm talent. He's very athletic. He plays a position like you want to see a play in a new school way, meaning he can do all the stuff from the pocket, but he also has the athleticism to do it. I compared him to, look, man, I think he's Justin Herbert plus, I think he can do the same things that Justin Herbert can do in this league. But I think he might be a little more dynamic and explosive. Now, the key will be, how does Doug Peterson unlock that potential? And one of the ways that you can unlock it is making sure that what you're doing from a schematic standpoint fits how Trevor plays and how he wants to play. And so it becomes more of a partnership than a dictatorship. They're working on that. You have Mike McCoy, who has been a head coach, an office coordinator as the quarterback coach. And then he had press Taylor. The one thing that is really worked is is very quarterback centric when it comes to the offensive room. And everyone is saying, and Trevor said this, everyone is speaking the same message. And that is really important that the words that the quarterback hears, the messaging is consistent throughout the building. And so that gives them a chance to be successful. Okay, that division's kind of wonky. There's an outside thought that maybe the colts have it. Matt Ryan indoors can still deliver the football well enough and they got everything else kind of working. The Texans, I think we're better than people thought they would be. But there appears to be still a ceiling there of are they actually any good, right? And Tennessee, look, you still have Derek Henry. You still have a dynamic defense, but losing AJ Brown, boy, that feels, that feels like a blow to how they wanted to play, right? Get 8 in the box and then find a way to get AJ Brown. Where is Jacksonville in that mix? I would say they're optimistic in terms of if they can navigate the first part of the season. I would say on defense, they are big. I mean, they are huge on defense. The number one overall pig Trayvon walker is, I mean, he's a giant.

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