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And if you don't have a proper facility the state will take And at this point once again, Children under the age of 20 are not at risk. Of any serious consequence from covert 19, and there's no available evidence that they communicate that illness or virus to others, according Tto Dr Redfield. So is the consequence. We're chasing something that is not a problem. It's a solution in search of a problem that doesn't exist because right now Miami University, the home of the Red Hawks have to make a decision tomorrow at two o'clock or 3 P.m.. On Wednesday tomorrow to whether or not to have in person education for the freshman and the sophomores. They got about 8000 kids ready to move in, and they got 1000 infections, but not one person is hospitalized. Not one is hospitalized out of over 1000. That tells me how serious is the problem? It tells me a couple of things. How serious is it? You know, The New York Times came out with an article last week that said, by the way, these tests are so inaccurate and so slow to process. They're not really a good way. Tio stave off if you're worried about, you know the spread of a virus. And and we've seen that right? We had tests reverse in the NFL. The governor took a false step. And so are all of these positive. Maybe. Or maybe not. But the other issue is there are no hospitalizations. You know, there's also this thing called Herd immunity. It might be a great thing that these younger kids are getting this virus and not getting sick. And you know if they're doing the things that people around them who might be at risk of doing the things that they're supposed to do. This could be a good thing, not necessarily a bad thing. But we're looking at it. As if you know they're walking zombies and bags of viruses that are just a danger to the world walking zombies Because if you go to Xavier, you, si n K you Ohio State, which can't play football, but bring him young. Which beat the crap out of Navy last night. Like 55 to 3. They can play football. The Browns can play football. The Bangles can play football, Deer Park and play football, but Ohio State can't figure it out. Isn't that unbelievable? It's unbelievable. I It's I, You know, it's the number one fan base in the country. The number one college football program is in Columbus with Wexner with the James with your highs day with nationwide Children's Hospital. I mean, it's one of the best facilities in the world, and they can't figure out How Ohio State Buckeyes and play football when high school kids are playing unbelievable. It is unbelievable yet Friday night lights we're good Saturday. We can't play football. There's no continuity. I think that's the other thing that's starting to drive people mad is that there's zero continuity and you just said it with. You know, Cincinnati public schools. You have kids there that want to play football and they could look into the suburbs and go Wait a minute. All these kids are playing football. Why? Why can't I? And it's because there's no misinterpretation or miss utilization of information as it becomes available, and some people are making decisions based on hope and other people are making decisions based in fear now. Lastly, we have about a minute remaining. Jack Windsor GOP lawmaker wants to see if the wine can be criminally charged with his current virus response I had on Representative John Becker, who sent in this missive about Ah, law that says that if you deprive someone of a several constitutional right in office, you could be charged with an M one. Is it fair to say the idea of criminally charging the governor with violation of that statute is dead on arrival. You know, it appears today. I think there are. I think there are parts of you know that there's another lawsuit out that has some teeth to it, particularly as it relates to businesses being shut down without due process and without fair compensation. You know, those things were real, but, yeah, I think I think they're swimming upstream with it, but I think the idea based on my understanding is they wanted to get that out. And if people wanted their representatives to support that And they could go up the chain of command and say, Listen, you need to sign on as a co sponsor to make this happen. I think Becker at all put this out there. So the citizens that have been, you know, crying for months now for justice would have a platform. I don't think it's going to get very far, but I think for me, I think that there's still a lot we need to understand because the policies seem completely misaligned. The data. Will you ask the governor these questions after two o'clock if you're chosen I will. I may want to follow up on the FEMA camps. I may want to follow up on, you know, he's he's already laughed off the idea of impeachment right, he said. I'd get sued all the time. If that's throughout, they want to go. They could do it. But you know the FEMA cancer are still bothersome to me. As it is. The lack of answer on who makes a decision regarding whether someone could be taken from the residence back to me is That right? There is a huge huge, you know, humanity issue if the government could just step in and say, Well, you're asymptomatic. You may not have covert, but you might have it. So we're gonna take you. That's a big issue. Hey, symptomatic major, healthy. In my book, and I'm not a doctor, but I don't know Biology. I may have 200 viruses running around my body somewhere. But if if I could still over to handicap I'm happy with that so All right. Jack wins their good luck after two o'clock, But as you can keep the public officials feet to the fire way, because many of the media is another my potted plants. Amen to that. You're a great American bill. Thank you for choosing. We have a great afternoon. Jack Windsor. Thank you. Let's continue with more of the governor. And I'm getting a whisper in my ear from Louisville that on Thursday day after tomorrow. That they're going to announce charges are no charges in the death of Brown, a tailor. So I think I know the direction it's headed, but get ready for a big Explosion on Thursday morning and afternoon. Hopefully not here on news radio 700 wlw during the pandemic. You're trying to do what's best for your family, but it isn't easy. Rules and recommendations. Keep changing..

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