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Putting the longevity of Roe versus Wade into question. The House on Beacon Hill approved the amendment. And coming up in just a moment after traffic and weather together. Tensions continue to grow in the transition period for the White House. That's next right now to the roads, we go. And it's Kevin Brennan on a Monday morning the super retailers of New England all will drive traffic on the threes a little bit of Ah, ah wind issue out. They're not sure if that's impacting the right or not. Well, if it is, it's not really showing it too much on the major roadways right now. So full of windy out there, two hands on the wheel. We are watching a pretty big situation here. Downtown laureate sterile. Dr West found the ramps to Kenmore Square and Fenway are closed right now for a box truck that struck the overpass on that ramp there, So everybody stay into the right here, and they're pushing all the traffic on the main line of sterile Dr. Westbound traffic back right about to the lagoon right now. Once you pass Kenmore Square. You've got more slowdowns on soldiers. Field Road westbound. This is heavy, exiting delays to Cambridge Street. This is everybody trying to work their way and make the turn around back to Kenmore Square. So a tough go Storrow drive westbound ramps to Kenmore Square and Fenway shut down for this truck crash involving truck that hit the overpass here downtown. Rest of the roads. Not too bad downtown. The airport tunnels are looking pretty good up on 4 95 south bound. You're hung up River Street Behavioral down to the bridge after Ward Hill south of Town, 4 95 south bound slight delays to the work crews after Route 24 Raynham again through the left lane Closer after exit four in Middleborough expressways looking good, both directions. Kevin Brennan. WBC's traffic on the threes. All right, Kevin. Thank you and very nice sunshine up there. It says 49 degrees in Boston feels colder with that wind. Very blustery. And of course, we had.

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