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One zero one point five what made me wanna talk about that is I was seeing the old tappan Zee bridge. Yeah, they're taking it down. You're taking it down. And at first the plan was to do it piece by piece that ran into a stumbling block when they realized it was not structurally sound enough to keep that up. And so plans were made to go ahead and just use explosives now they were trying to avoid that because of fish life marine life. The water there. But there's no way around it now. And so it's all been said it's all been scheduled, and it's supposed to be taking place this Saturday. Now, I'm not gonna say it would be as cool as seeing one of those planned building implosion 's which is something I've always wanted to see that would be pretty cool though World War Two movie when they blow up a bridge three goes in the water. Well, you know, why I think you know, why you think of building implosion in a major city is slightly cooler is simply because usually they're so little margin for error. That's that's exactly why. Because the way that it's gotta be detonated and time the two completely collapsed in on itself and not just tip over out other major structures. So that's why it's like a little less dramatic. But that being said if I did not have children at home. If I were single and had nothing to do on Saturday. That is definitely something. I would do or if I were much much older and my kids were grown. I'm an old, man. You could bet I would get up there. And just stand at the shore and watch on how close to let people get. I read something about this. There's some recreation area where it's expected hundreds of people are going to be gathered to watch. And I know I read the figure twenty five hundred feet, but I'm not sure if that's simply the debris field, or if that's how close you can get not really sure so take that with a grain of salt. But yeah, that would be that would be a cool thing to say. And of all the weird things that I will watch on YouTube building implosion will be one of them. Really? Yes. Yeah. I don't know. Why I think part of it is I'm fascinated by the men and women who can engineer these the science involved in it the math that is involved in getting this just right? And you've got one chance to do it. Except in the case of what was at the Silverdome. Holy except watching. Isn't it supposed to fall it? So with that being the exception that proves the rule you normally have one shot at getting this right and they referred to that area. Metro-detroit has the engineering capital of the world. All the automotive engineers live there. Yeah. And then they couldn't even bring down a building owned. They didn't ask us. But yeah, those demo experts man that is just a really really niche, but really cool job. I would be fascinated to actually I'd be fascinated to just see the entire process. See them actually plan out and set the charges throughout these empty buildings. And then be there with a crew when it went, but I'm probably never going to do it. But yeah, it'd be neat to be as close as safely possible to one of those building implosion that would be on my bucket list. But I doubt it's ever going to happen. So once I thought of that, then I just thought well, you know, what I wonder if anybody else has like some weird ones or even the normal ones. You always hear about oh also included in this a bucket list. Could be simply vacationing someone you've never been right? Look always thought it'd be cool to go to Madagascar all the animals. Yes. Exactly. Because they have species there that do not exist. Anywhere else on the planet is what I've always heard much more. Doable is Australia. I always thought it'd be cool to stralia never been. So things like that. Our phone number's one eight hundred two eight three one a one point five, Bob. And Edison, you're on New Jersey one oh one point five. Gentlemen. Find your venture the keep bridge. We're actually going to my aunt lives in Nyack, which right across the water from the bridge, and she has a perfect view. And they're having a party, and we were invited to watch it. No, I'm jealous, man. That's cool. Yeah. Should be interesting. That is cool. Now, you've you when you say a perfect view is it really perfect pretty close or she is on are on the hill that overlooks the bridge. Oh, man. And I know this is never the point of your phone call. But that but her home must be worth millions. From what I understand it is. Yeah. Yeah. So no, I do not want an invite that would be rude, and I wouldn't be able to go. Anyway, I've got the kids and everything. But yeah, that would be like, oh, yeah. Let's have the stranger come do that. But Bob, like how many people are going to be there to watch the tape ends ego into the water out from what I understand we have twenty seven out of common relatives or Frank by a wonderful neighbors. I'll also having parties. Now, I can't remember from the articles. Do you do you? Remember the exact time that it's going to be needed. I know we have to be there at nine AM. I don't know what time it that nation on. Are you bringing a camera? Yep. Absolutely. I want to tell me. Yeah. Oh, that's so cool. You wear like y'all wearing hardhats just to fit the theme. Now, if it's a party is they're going to be adult beverages because nine AM is kinda rough to start doing that. And then stop, I don't know. I don't drink. I never had alcohol in my life. Well, well, well, well, so is that on your bucket list get drunk? Now now up that was my friends they all wanted to try to get drunk. I just never I never had alcohol. Now, I'm not mocking it. I mean, good for you. You're healthier for it. But not even once not one moment. No, no, never had a sip of adopting now. Wow. This is almost like he's calling in for. Well. I never that's that's unusual. Okay. So you mentioned you mentioned the tap pansy. But what what was your bucket list item? Then. In a hang glider. That's pretty cool. Did you see that recent video that was all over the news about a month or two ago? But the guy that wasn't strapped in properly. Oh, no. And then it was on that had a cat. The cat was on the hang glider. And nobody knew it. Oh, I didn't. I didn't even know about the cat one. Hang glider. Oh, wow. I didn't throw anything off. Yeah. This guy wanted to go. It's almost like when you do a tandem skydive. He was supposed to be strapped in with the glider guy. The glider guy was fine. But the glider guy didn't strap in the paying customer properly. So he comes out of it. Well, you saw the video right? I think I did. Yes. Yeah. And I mean there it's like an emergency to get him down to the ground as fast as possible. But for minutes this guy just hanging on for dear life, so enjoy that that won't happen about. All right. We're talking about bucket list items. What would be on your bucket list, something that you want to experience place? You wanna go thing you want to see do one eight hundred two eight three one zero one point five three eighteen years.

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