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What can we do to keep people from leaving and to keep people interested in our organization we give them some buying? You GotTa give them some ownership you gotta give them some responsibility and something to do the link together as one force continuing to serve this the Brotherhood Academy Radio podcast series. Everybody welcome back to the Brotherhood Academy Radio PODCAST. I am Nick Hilton and I am going to be your host for this week's full length episode. I'm here here by myself today. And it's for good reason Mostly because the team deserves a break. And here's why we had a a busy week this past week. We if you haven't been following along on the instagram on the facebook we went to a pretty awesome event. We'll talk about that in a little bit but first let's start off with the announcements all right first announcement as always. We mentioned the D. T. F. F.. Down to fight fire volunteer firefighters podcast. These guys are incredible and I say that because I really mean it I really mean it. They keep in touch with me. Almost daily you know. And it's great we bounce ideas off each other. We support each other's podcast podcasts. And that's what the Brotherhood's all about right. We're hearing a boost each other up. We're here to make each other succeed right. So these guys are up in Canada Eh It's a group of volunteer firefighters. There they have a podcast that they launch every Monday morning and they have videos that they put up on instagram and up on facebook book so go make sure you follow their accounts right there on instagram. They're on facebook and they're on all the platforms. That have podcasts. Ask Right so basically. They're rule firefighters in a rural setting and they are all volunteer. They train a lot super aggressive. All right and Sometimes they talk funny but that's okay. They say words a little differently than we do in the states. And that's that's okay. You know we we do rag on them quite a bit. We Love them and we have such a good time with the banter every single week And if you listen to so they're show towards the end they mentioned us and they give us a little bit of Banter back and it's great And it's so cool to know that the world has gotten so much smaller with all of these new things on the Internet as far as like facebook and social media and podcasting testing and it. It's just brought us together so much better so much easier so much closer even though we're on the complete opposite side of the continent right it feels like it feels like we have known each other for forever. You know it because I think it's because there's so much alike like us up here in Maine and how we are as aggressive as we are and the passion for the Fire Service and The training that we do. It's pretty much the same thing so I gotta give these guys credit. They're really doing a bang-up job with Their podcasts so please go check them out the down to fight fire. DT F F F- volunteer firefighters. PODCAST Their logos orange. Everything they do is orange. I don't know it must be a Canadian thing when Myself and Paul and the camel. We're headed down to the event we went to. We passed an eighteen wheeler that was driving kind of funny and we had to pass it because they're driving really slow and it was orange and it was From Canada was a Canadian. Keen Rig getting truck a and Hameed appoint they like orange up there. I don't know so that's the colors. Checkout Drake guys down to fight fire volunteer firefighters podcast. Next announcement is please if you like what we do here and you like our podcast. Please share them all right and then go on and give us a rating five star rating. Please if you you don't mind on Itunes or whatever platform you're listening to because when you do that it's GonNa get us seen more right it's GonNa going to get us out there. More and other announcement is if you haven't been paying much attention Pay attention because we're on tick talk now. Okay tick talk for like you know they used to be for teenage kids and girls dancing and stuff but it's not like that anymore. I mean there's still some of it on there but I'll tell you what the volunteer firefighter. Demographic on talk is enormous. It's like there's so many volunteer firefighters on there. It's really cool the stuff that they're posting so we're on there. We get some tips tricks. Whatever whatever it is a little bit of content here on project that I also go find me on Lincoln all right? I'm on Lincoln Just search for my name Nick Hilton. And you'll find me. And then I made a business page for the Brotherhood Academy Radio PODCASTS. or we'll check that out as well all right so thank thank you guys. Thank you guys for all the support everything that you guys have been doing listening to sharing our content getting our stuff out there. We really appreciate it. So let's talk a little bit about Before I get into the main topic here right. Let's let's first talk about our our trip to Framingham Massachusetts. So we went to the national fire radio event this past Tuesday and it was at the Springdale. It's a brewery it right right in Framingham. Massachusetts is about a two hour ride for us but it was totally worth all right. It was hosted by the National Fire Radio and the New England fools and if you remember episode we had not too long ago we had rusty St Rick Rusty Ricker a the president of the New England fools and he was on our show and we talked quite a while with him and his very good episode so he got together with Jeremy Army and rob and Tucker from national radio and they originally it was planned to be a roundtable event. Okay and it was going to be with four members members of the fire service yet F. D. N. Y.. Boston Guy Hartford Connecticut Guy and Forgive me what's what's the other city in Connecticut. What's the Big City in Connecticut? I can't even remember. That's okay. It's been a long week. It's been a long but anyway these guys were set up to do the Roundtable so talking about truck into they call it the northeast truckin all right talking about truck company operations tips tricks all that good stuff so then the tragedy happened in Worcester and it turned into four days worth of gathering items for a raffle and an auction. And right and and let me tell you what when we walked in there. We go we. We made something we made a flag. We made a wooden thin line. Thin red line. American flack DOC. All right that was our donation towards the fundraiser. But basically they wanted to raise money for the family of Lieutenant Menard from Worcester. Fire Department. Right you. You wouldn't believe the items that were in there. It took Jeremy a good. I WANNA say thirty to forty minutes just to read off the winning tickets and he went through them fast all right and it was just dead at arm one right after another boom boom boom boom boom. It took him about thirty to forty minutes. There's so many things that it was incredible but the Brotherhood that was there right people coming together in four days to put together items handmade items a lot of leather items. Okay a a lot of gift certificates and gift cards and there's a couple of auction items like a trip to FDIC and firehouses expo. It was just it was unreal and the people that were there. That room was packed and it was a huge space to Go onto our facebook page the Brotherhood Academy Radio Facebook page. And at like it while you're there if you haven't already but go look at the the photos that that I posted up there and and some of the live videos that I had don and the spaces Jarvis. It's really really cool space. There's a lot of wooden barrels where they store their beer and stuff like that and the the room was packed. I think Jeremy said it was like around two hundred and fifty. Maybe a little bit more People firefighters there They had bagpipers come in pipes and drums and they did a whole Show there at the beginning and The four brothers sat up at the front end. Did A discussion on truck company operations. And how the the three or for actually the four different cities do their stuff and It was it was incredible. And then they also had their mics setup. So the national the fire. Radio guys had their microphones up and it was really cool. Jeremy comes up to me says hey guys WANNA get on the podcast go ahead get on the podcast take it for a little while run it. So the three of us after we had a few drinks in in some food sat down and Honestly I'm not sure of the audio came out or not. It was super loud in there but We sat for a little bit. And maybe we didn't have really illegal content. You know we kind of improved a little bit but we narrated what was going on and kind of talked back and forth a little bit so I don't know how that came out I'm excited to see if it did So be sure to check those guys out to the national fire radio guys. They are doing these on tap events all around the country and it's basically a setting where you're in a bar. You're drink some beer with some with with other firefighters and you're you're listening to Some good stuff. Some good content some good training stuff the coolest the thing I think all right was so. We're sitting down at the table. Three of us. And there's other kids sitting here with us. You know he was so we introduce ourselves ourselves. He drove all the way from Vermont by himself. It was a four hour ride right. The event started at six o'clock at night. He drove all the way from Vermont to sit in this this event in listen to these guys talk about truck company operations and then he had plans to drive all the way home. That night in the event ended at ten o'clock so it's a four hour drive. This kid was dedicated. This kid had some initiative and and he says he's a listener of our podcast. So thank you for listening and thank you for supporting us But I thought that was a really cool thing and it brings me in to this week's topic which is initiative right. This kid had some initiative he was there. He drove the four hours to listen and learn and bring something back to his department. Urban so initiative isn't something that's taught in the Fire Academy right. At least the one I went to didn't teach it yet. Initiative is is what every firefighter should possess in my right honestly. I don't even know if initiative is something anyone is born with or not thought. Maybe it is. Maybe it's not. Maybe it's an acquired skill but either way we should be focusing on teaching it to our new members as well as teaching heating to ourselves. Learning it ourselves okay. So is another little story to help along with this topic This week on top of going to this event Thursday night I taught an evoke course which is emergency vehicle operations court..

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