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A pair. Call two six four hail. It's chilly this morning, but it will warm up to about sixty four this afternoon. Just in time for soccer game. I have later good. Let's he traffic. We've got a crash eastbound seventh north at Redwood road in Salt Lake City. The right lane is blocked. Stay to the left. Somebody says it's a free Christmas tree late to be getting ready your Christmas tree. But. If you want maybe it's maybe it's a plastic tree. They too fake plastic Christmas. That's if you see something you can text it to us three three nine eight six. All right. All right Boehner candidate number three. But I have to take a drink of water. What you to we were kissing. Carey. The Kuti's and I passed them. I was just making the joke that all the paid us make. So far down his throat him. All right here, we go candidate number three. Without seeing it must've been pretty embarrassing reenter dean has been held after she reportedly stole her boyfriend's phone ex-post friends phone and posted explicit pictures of his genitals using his own social media profiles. The twenty four year old was tempting to extort money out of the man by sharing the snaps of his penis online. According to the smoking gun, she has been held on charges of extortion after being arrested in Newport, Richie, Florida police reports claim she maliciously posted pictures of a male victims genitalia and then sought payment from him to stop her actions. Cops that she posted pictures across multiple social media platforms indirect messages, the man who not a dentist in court papers is believed to have been in a relationship with her at one time the court complaint. Reads Midein used the victims old phone to access his social media and send the pictures it also alleged she demanded money and a written note and lots of people got these joke shots from her pictures of the skies genitalia. Boehner candidate number three without seeing. It's hard to say, but it must've been embarrassing. All right. Let's review the first two and vote motor candidate number one gravy. A gravy covered. Computer leads to a man's arrest for pornography. Boehner candidate number two. I told her it's not Ricky. It's rent Rex damage. Rick Schroder who used to be known as Ricky Schroder. But now insists on Rick has been arrested for felony mystic violence for the second time in thirty days and Boehner candidate number three without seeing it. It's hard to say, but it must have been embarrassing. Time.

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