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Financial group my name is doug harding and happy seventy th birthday to meet wealth and we got a really fun fact about this song which a lot of people on out on the baseball announcer in this song it's called paradise by the jazz light is former new york yankees shortstop phil rizzuto he was announcer for the eggs for a long time and meat lovers a huge fan of the yankees so we made sure to get reserve to do the baseball pardons hardest is believe even someone a meatloaf needs to know about required minimum distributions because he had a lot of financial problems in his career we could talk all about that in the upcoming segments red well we'll just lived to arm de so doing what our armed these in what should retirees nearing seventy years old know about him meat loaf is going to be seventy laugh i know can you believe it well okay well armed easy yeah and i tell you what i i actually doing it i i do seminars and workshops at the bomber county public libraries various libraries around the beltway here and one of the things we talk about a social security maximisation and required minimum distributions and how they affect one another and the rules for armed these is almost everybody i talked to they know they have to do something at seventy but they're not really sure what it is you know they have to do something with their retirement accounts but they're not one hundred percent sure on what it is so the first first off is they're called required minimum distributions this is an irs rule it's not your company ruled does it matter who.

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