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If you if you've ever tried to two mixed drinks of whatever sort and you try to mix cream with the orange juice a colonels right in heavily nights his okay yeah i just discovered accidentally i didn't i didn't think to try this intentionally but but sour cream instead of actually fresh cream with orange juice that didn't seem to curdle and its and it came out tasting just like orange sherbet so anyway fun with science berge arresting yeah so go ahead with these yeah on on your topic is the reason i'm calling because what you're talking about an and heather understand where you're coming from um but i think there are some things that you're missing which you're you're looking from your own viewpoint in the viewpoints of other people that are that are uh parallel to your in your rao on but there are people that are in power that are outside your realm that who's who often uber who you hardly ever have contact with it have way more power over the the entire ballgame than any of the rest of us no matter whether we get elected or not in their pull in some strings and in doing some puppet tearing that bat though were either aware of or not aware of and it has great control um you know in in this this government them in for instance the you know y'all know what happened to me m might my children were disappeared ten years ago in i've never seen them again and if anybody can top out one besides murdering a child i i don't know what it would be and so in so i've been fighting in a in i've told you also you know if we're talking about resumes that that i've gone what happened to me i went to our legislature for five years straight 30day session 60day session through alternating like that and slept in the back of my truck and and also slept in a tent in the four feet of snow on above ten thousand feet one winner um uh to do it so so i've i've gone the distance in in in in abs and i've done basically nothing else but pay attention for ten years from.

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