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Presented by the Salvation army. Why Francis haugen is super scared about Facebook's metaverse. By Billy perrigo. In a glitzy October keynote presentation, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg appeared as a cartoon avatar informing us that someday the way we interact with our Friends work with our colleagues and relax in our spare time will no longer just happen in real life nor on 2D social platforms like Facebook or Instagram. Instead, we will inhabit a 3D virtual world with endless possibilities. The mission of Facebook now meta would be to build that world. Zuckerberg said. So when I traveled to Paris to interview Francis haugen in mid November, the following questions were on my mind. Would Facebook succeed in its quest to shed its toxic brand? Would people be happy to forget about all the revelations of the last 5 years? Above all, would people trust Zuckerberg to build a new virtual reality that was safe for both its individual users and society at large? How good of course is the former Facebook employee who leaked tens of thousands of pages of company documents to the U.S. authorities and the press this fall. The document showed that Facebook, which renamed itself in the wake of the revelations, knew far more about the harms of its products, especially Facebook and Instagram than it ever led on in public. When I asked her about the metaverse, Hogan's answer focused on the extra forms of surveillance that would be necessary for any meaningful kind of metaverse experience. I am worried that if companies become metaverse companies, individuals won't get to consent anymore on whether or not to have Facebook sensors, their microphones in their homes, algin told me, this company which has already shown it lies to us whenever it's in its own interests, we're supposed to put cameras and microphones for them in our homes, she said. I also asked how again, what kinds of safety risks don't exist today, but might exist in a future where we live parts of our lives in the metaverse. I'm super scared she said, and then she launched into a thought experiment. So just imagine this with me, she said, when you go into the metaverse, your avatar is a little more handsome or pretty than yourself. You have better clothes than we have in reality. The apartment is more stylish, more calm, and you take your headset off and you go to brush your teeth at.

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