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Joe Burrow. They have a franchise quarterback. They're probably and people think you're crazy when you say this, but they're probably about four good players away from being competitive. You get reader back and he's healthy. You get the secondary back and it's healthy. If you can go if you go by a guard by a tackle, drafted tackle, maybe draft another defensive. A guy for the secondary. You're I think you're on the road to recovery there, But you don't have to spend some money. You have to spend some money, but also can we can't keep drafting these guys and then not having them develop me on paper. You know the surgical blades the world? Sure, there have been a lot of teams. That may have. That's an interesting question to see how that all is all gonna work out, but and that is was It wasn't a bad pick or was the player just not developed from day one here And so somewhere? He's in Jacksonville. Jackson may be well and Billy Price. Okay, Billy Price was allegedly this can't miss prospect Well, that Ohio State well, he's looking. He's looking like a with John Ross. Absolute with Yeah, in General Williams. I mean, we haven't He's been hurt kind of her right one year and even last year, some, too. So that's it. The development side of it is something that I think is greatly overlooked. Everybody says we gotta draft this guy got a draft that But you have to develop what's but still when you look at the Bangles with Borough, you got every franchise quarterback. They got one. He has people to throw, too. He is a terrific running back. He has Jonah Williams, who's OK. It left tackle. Maybe Little bit hair better than that. If Trey Hopkins is healthy and can play it center, he's got him. They need immunity. There's three different starting offensive lineman and maybe a player, too on defense. But it's addressable. It's not like you've got it overhaul the entire team, especially when you have the most important piece. You have the quarterback. Now he's got a road to recovery and it xprize the fullest. I think he's going to be 100% weak one, but the most important pieces there And there's a lot of other great pieces I mean tea. Higgins is a fantastic pick last year, so that that's that's a good thing. A lot of good things, but the offense of line. We all know this. We've known this for years, but not only do the Bangles have to open up the pocketbook, but they gotta identify the right guys, and then they got to develop them. Develop them. Once they draft make the work doesn't stop. It just starts. It's just beginning to start. When you draft that player. They've got to be developed. All right, well, I could proud a lot, but I want to get you and Eddie in here. You guys have a great show? Maybe we'll visit again tomorrow. Good can I would look good to see you time for the news news radio 700 wlw. News, traffic and Weather news radio 700 WLW in Cincinnati. Feeling and looking more like winter with the three o'clock report on Jack Crumley, breaking now another blast of winter that includes snow in the Tri state. Tonight We will have several inches of accumulating snow possible later tonight it will likely begin around maybe five or six in South East Indiana, and it will wrap up In the pre dawn hours, But by then those roads will be impacted. Wcpo nine. Meteorologist Sherry Hughes, in dot has already issued a full call out for plow trucks. We're looking at a couple inches of accumulation throughout the tri state. So truck drivers in Cincinnati will be busy tonight as well as well, That is Jared Bolden with the city We're going to go into a 12 hour shift, starting at 7 P.m. tonight. It will continue.

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