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They've just not really crossed paths on a wrestling point of view. CHROMA WHY YOU BE A. Dog Feeling in the world. Yes Eddie because listener would like Haymond would have had to do both sides. And I would have had to do. I guess now this why haven with rains? Obviously, very much true. How are you looking at? There's rights like we haven't really touched on that. And Raines. Is Money that's money. So. You think it's full blown. He'll Roman like that's what they're doing. Oh, horse. They doing the hill to get him over again. So they start cheering eventually you know how some the? Relevant Business soon. Do they I think they need to change his music. Showed his dad. Forgotten. Checks detector. Yeah. Play back in the suit what some of his interviews and is some of these staff man that rains I liked that rains you know I think they need. You needs new music in needs. A new outfit he needs to is funny like normally intact team split up and someone stays around into a tag team light rain has become nothing. You know my genetic never change Christian never changed show to me when I split. Right. So you know why is rain still rocketed, but they do need to change his music. That is definite. Definite but Haymond with him less than free agent. But that doesn't mean everyone she's leaving out. WWe have. Signed Five fulmer evolve talents. So. This was posted today. So it was Fisher dot yesterday So Joe Casey is officially signed we'VE WWE Wasn't he like the longest isn't always the sees W. Champ isn't he still? With them. I'm sure he's with them. Anyway. They've also signed just Briggs anti-green Brandy Lauren and Kurt stallion obviously Leon rough resigned last month. The report says they bought the rights to evolve in a plan to sign several of that company's restless to development deals. Boys. Your thoughts about all of evolve coming. Do think that he's going to have a belief or an exte- stuff. I. Think as I said before I think that's retribution..

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