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It's all about being prepared and protecting your property. Usually we do okay. Like when hurricane sandy came in, that was bad. Marilyn governor Larry Hogan says the state has been busy too, clearing drainage ditches, tasking state troopers to monitor areas of flash flooding and activating an emergency management team. In Chesapeake beach, Michelle bash WTO news. Over in Virginia, the Department of Transportation is preparing for the storm's potential impact. It says drivers can expect some lane closures as crews inspected and clear drainage structures. V dot warns the storm could result in downed trees, power lines, other debris, you know that. It's reminding drivers to avoid flooded highways as well. You know that as well, be on alert for any high wind advisories and stay with WTO all weekend for up to the minute information on the remnants of Ian and their effect on our region. In other news, the House approved a stopgap spending bill that averts a government shutdown. And President Biden has now signed it into law. WTO peace Mitchell Miller today on the hill. The vote was two 30 to two O one with ten Republicans joining Democrats to support the continuing resolution. Florida Democrat Debbie wasserman Schultz noted it will help her state and others with disaster relief. The CR will allow fema and other federal partners to keep assistance flowing to Florida in our time of need, but Pennsylvania's guy Russian dollar and most Republicans opposed the bill, arguing that Democrats aren't addressing a critical issue, soaring inflation. This is out of control spending that's leading to this inflation. The bill extends funding through December 16th. On Capitol Hill, Mitchell Miller WTO P news. Russia has annexed four regions of Ukraine, but Ukraine and the international community are condemning the illegal move and they vow to ignore it. National security correspondent JJ green talked exclusively with Estonia's minister of defense, hanno pecker, about the situation, despite all of Russia's failures, Vladimir Putin is going to continue with his war. He's not afraid to send people without any training without any preparation to the battlefield. Estonia's minister of defense hano Pepco. This means that these people will be either captured, wounded or they will be killed. He said there is one thing that we in the west have to understand above all else. Putin has no limits and he's not taking the international law as something he has to obey. He will do whatever he wants to do and he's not he's not cared what the international law or rule of law says. But Pepco said Estonia and the allies are not helpless and whatever Russia does, it will have to answer for. That's WTO national security correspondent JJ green. So far, some light rain, the heavier stuff on the way, details next, 6 36. The following is a paid commercial message. Thank you so much for being here. I really, truly appreciate it. Representative Abigail's damn burger held a town hall of congresswoman Abigail spanberger taking her listening ear. Senator

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