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I had Sox tickets at night, I was like I can't wait to get out and then boom that happen and that was an all day Affair. So this is a monster trade on Friday and There's a ton to unpack. So I mean, let's start with initial just for everybody home. Assume you've tuned in. You have the news by now? Brad Stevens. We assumed it was Brad Stevens. I don't need much. Danny has any fingerprints on this or who? But massive major deal. Early early, early in free agency Kemba Walker goes to OKC for Al Horford. This is one of the ones we talked about our special a week ago and the overall compensation, is this first round, pick goes this year's. That's number sixteen. Then also, a few, a second-rounder. In addition, you're getting a brown and you're getting get it, they're getting a second-rounder right? Yeah, there. Yeah. There's, there's a 2023 second-round, understanding out in twenty twenty-five, K. They're sending one out, and they're getting one back. So it's just swap a future seconds. Basically, the deal comes down to the meeting, the the meat, and potatoes here. It's Kemba. And your, and your first round pick this year, for Horford and mow Brown. And then a swap a second job. So first thoughts Bobby, I know yours, so there's no surprise here. Let's start with. Well let's let's start with Bobby, you're happy to have Horford. I want to give that a minute. Let's start with sharrod. The compensation is when people are going to be right worried about here, did you give up too much? Is the first round or too? Much more Browns. Nice Mo Brown was a two-way contract, beginning of the year. He lit up the Celtics earlier in this season. So anyone who remembers that game was like wow, that guy's pretty good. He finished with pretty solid stats for the year. He's a nice little cheap Edition signed through 2012 RAV4. I think very short money. Nice guy to have on your team. That's a terrific bench. That's a terrific depth Edition, but that first round pick hurts a little bit. Obviously. Yeah. And, you know, and that's why, that's, that's right. Yeah, it's the cost of doing business and to be frank with you, this feels very much like a brad, Stevens type of deal as opposed to a Danny engine where I don't think that first wrong Pig. Would have necessarily been included, frankly, I don't think the deal would have got done if Danny held his guns on that first round pick. It's no secret that if you're dealing with OKC at this point in their growth and development jobs, you gotta throw in a first-round pick, they're not doing any deals unless they're getting one of those in return. And frankly for the Celtics, let's be honest and real. When they're picking outside of the top five, it's a crapshoot on what their thoughts. Again, at least when you're giving up that second that first round pick and you're swapping. Essentially second-round picks. You're basically saying we're giving you this this middle of the first round pick for Moses problem, cuz to me, Kim bought a now that's a pretty comparable slop..

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