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Now Kraft was reluctant, but once he was in front of Putin and the attention inevitably shifted to the Super Bowl ring craft, took the ring off and gave it to Putin to check out. And Putin examined the ring up, close studying it, and then he put the ring on his own finger. After a few seconds Putin broke the silence by suddenly saying, quote, I can kill someone with this ring. Everyone who heard the line laughed about it, but win. The laughter died down craft says he put his hand out again to take the ring back from Putin. At which point Putin simply looked at him and then put the ring into his own pocket turned around and walked away. And crafts initial instinct was of course to protest. But just as soon as Putin turned his back and started walking away three KGB agents intervened. In crafts, own words, quote, I put my hand out and he put it in his pocket and three KGB guys got around him and walked out and quoted craft, just stood there dumbstruck and was powerless to do anything about it. So here's what happened in the aftermath of this event craft obviously couldn't and didn't do anything immediately following the event. But after he returned stateside, he made efforts to have the ring returned him as he said it had sentimental value. The problem was Russia wasn't responding to his requests and craft, not being want to give up that easily after all you don't come to be worth billions of dollars by being a passive observer craft continued to try and get the ring back via calls and emails, etc. Ultimately, though the United States government intervened somebody from the White House in George W Bush's administration called craft, and according to crafts recollection of the call, here's what the White House contact said to him quote, it would really emphasis on really be in the best interest of US Soviet relations. If you meant to give the ring as a present. Craft stated again that the ring had sentimental value to him and he didn't wanna let it go as he didn't want to one day see the ring on EBay. He also mentioned here that the ring had his name on it as we said. But after he put all this forward on the call with the White House contact according to craft, again, quote, there was a pause on the other end of the line and the voice repeated, it would really be in the best interest. If you meant to give the ring as a present end quote. And as these things go, it wasn't a few days later that craft issued a statement saying that he had given his Super Bowl, thirty nine championship ring to Ladimir Putin as a gift. Craft statement included the following quote at the end of a very productive three, our business meeting with President Putin. I showed the president, my most recent Super Bowl ring upon seeing the ring, President Putin, a great and knowledgeable sports fan was clearly taken with its uniqueness at that point. I decided to give him the ring as a symbol of the respect and admirations that I have for the Russian people and the leadership President Putin. And quote. In two thousand seventeen Robert. Kraft was interviewed by NFL films for their series. Fifty rings fifty days about all his Super Bowl rings and this story, and here's what he said, quote, I keep them in a drawer, right? Have my cufflinks. They're all in a drawer, except my third one. The original is in Russia with the president of the country. I happen to be there on a business mission with my friend sandy Weill. I showed sandy my ring and he said, why don't you show it to the president meaning Putin? I showed it to him and he put it on and he sort of enjoyed it..

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