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The panhandle of Florida began to clean up after hurricane Michael as of Thursday more than six hundred and fifty thousand homes and businesses had no electricity. Former Arkansas governor Mike Huckabee joined Fox News and talked about the job that Rick Scott did in preparing his state governor, Rick Scott did a magnificent job in staging ask. In advance of the storm the preparations for it. Even though there weren't level of warnings watch. Like we had several days. There's been kind of popped up on. Saturday sunday. And then it got much worse. Escalating to a cat four during the night before it actually hit. So there was. Fortunately, a lot of preparation done in advance. This would have been a much worse. Storm in terms of loss of life. Had there not been the level of leadership on the part of governor, Scott Pima and local emergency management officials. Governor Huckabee also has a home in Santa Rosa Beach, Florida. He talks about how he rode out the storm and help some of his neighbors out. We did have neighbors who sheltered with us because our home is relatively new built exceed the latest hurricane coach. It's not something that you're so about the state it's indestructible people on the Titanic ball set. But as much as it is humanly possible to engineer a structure that is designed specifically to which stand hurricane for USA radio news. I'm timberg. Attention investors respected names in the financial services industry are not evaluating if there will be a significant market downturn. But when higher interest rates and prospects of a trade war suggests the stock market is headed into a perilous direction subprime mortgages, which are back could potentially devastate the real estate market as they did before. And with stocks is simply overdue for a fall after the second longest bull running history. Even bullish analysts to recognizing these indicators that equities are in big trouble and have projected stock market losses up to forty percents..

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