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Jay Jay, talking with Bradley, Jay WBZ, NewsRadio ten thirty. You've done. It. You found that perfect place. The perfect neighborhood. Now, all you need is eagle Bank with a team that makes getting a mortgage a whole lot easier from local decision making to some of the most competitive fixed on the Justice rate mortgages, you'll find anywhere where he to make getting that perfect place a reality way eagle Bank here the help you do more. Call one eight hundred Bank eagle member FDIC member DIF equal housing lender. Looking for that perfect weekend getaway? Place on the lake place. Just that sandy path a place where life feels a little more relaxed and talk to eagle Bank about our competitive. Thanks adjustable rate mortgages and get the peace of mind that comes from knowing we keep things simple, really simple where eagle Bank, and we're here to help. You do more. Call one eight hundred BankE Gle member FDIC member DIF, equal housing lender. Carol center for the blind is a leader in services for individuals confronted by the challenges of low vision in blindness please join the seventh annual walk for independence, Sunday, April twenty eighth from ten AM to one PM this family and dog friendly event raises awareness of vision loss and supports its program in children, teens adults and seniors with technology daily living skills employment frail in travel instruction for information at one eight hundred eight five to thirty one thirty one or Carol dot org. Hi, folks, this is Gerard Moynihan Moynihan lumber, and if you're planning on remodeling, your kitchen or just thinking about it may I suggest that you've is it our kitchen cabinet showroom in downtown. Beverly there you will find some twenty-five kitchens on display just as they might look in your own home. And you can also talk with our kitchen cabinet sales team who really do know what they are talking about. That's at moynahan lumber eighty two registry in downtown. Beverly? The. Does your doctor.

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