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I'm Ron Dirac stroke, two bombs exploded outside a Roman Catholic cathedral on the southern Philippine island were Muslim militants are active killing at least nineteen people wounding nearly fifty others during Sunday mass. The first bomb went off in or near the Jolo cathedral at the provincial capital followed by a second blast outside the compound as government forces were responding to the attack. Police and military reports say the casualties glued both troops and civilians. The US says it will honor a request from interim Venezuela president Juan Guido for more than twenty million dollars in humanitarian aid. But not everybody's on board with the opposition leader taking over Venezuela. Russia's UN ambassador is accusing the US of attempting to engineer a coup d'etat and demanding to know whether the Trump administration is ready to use military force against Medeiros government. However, UN secretary under secretary general for political. Affairs. Rosemary dicarlo said the being of the Venezuelan people needs to guide everyone's actions, we must do all we can to prevent worsening attentions. We must try to help bring about a political solution that will allow the country's citizens to enjoy peace, prosperity and all their human rights. Sundays UN council was called by the US. The new chairman of the Senate Judiciary committee has high hopes for what the panel will accomplish this year, South Carolina, Republican Lindsey Graham says the committee's recent approval of criminal Justice reform proves that this committee has within it. The ability to do big things long overdue at among the items on Graham's to-do list, securing social media all worried about a social media platforms being hijacked by terrorists. That's not all intellectual property. Senator Tillis Senator coons have some ideas. Senators SAS wants to make sure that we ethically. You got a package of ethics reforms rich Thomasson Washington. News and analysis at townhall dot com. Patriot mobile wants you to know that you can get a great deal of spending zero of your hard earned dollars liberal causes. As President Trump has said,.

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