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Keeps coming up and I know you've done a lot of you know place did you did you know him where you close with him? Yes. I did him I did the national tour of the Broadway bound. And gene as I was the older brother. This was in one, thousand, nine, hundred, eighty, seven, yet nineteen, eighty-seven I I was broke. I needed to make some money. And I went to end and auditions and I got this job and I went on the on the road. So I didn't I audition for it but I didn't meet him. He was there but I didn't meet him. I didn't meet him until we opened the Amundsen in Los Angeles and he He was a knock on the door Anna Neil Simon so it. You know he was. Taller than I imagined with the worn rimmed glasses news Mary kind and complimentary, and and that was the beginning, and then we did this play. Laughter on the twenty third floor sure a play in which I have been asked to play one of the comedy writers, and then when we did a reading of it, they said just for the purposes of the reading, You read Sid Caesar role because you know eventually but want a guy who's like six four. Two. Hundred pounds, I confine. And then and then they decided that I should plant raw. Neil Diamond said to me what you what you lack in height you make up for in anger. On That was a bonding experience we went out I got to go out of town with Neil Simon play instead of watching him crafted and work it, and then he I remember Coming in and we were rehearsing and he was sitting in the audience. You Know Anna in a see and and he'll wrote on a yellow legal pad longhand and he's writing I said, well, I said, hi, what you're right I'm writing a speech for you actually and. You say we'll. We'll. Maybe we'll put it in a few days and I said, well, let me see I'll put it in tonight. And then so He loved this sort of. Enthusiasm. And go for broke. Yeah. Give it to me. We'll do it now. And so he would always come to me and said, he must have changed my entrance the scene of this character entering into the play. I don't know how many times he wrote it and would debate heats up free to try things and give them to. At the last minute. Ever regret being so gung Ho initially mad at all. I love that it was i. felt like I was in the writer's room. Show and. so He loved that kind of A. Enthusiasm men and you're a quick study that Nathan you're able to pick up things like that very rarely. Yes. I have I had I'm fortunate luckily. That continues yeah in older but yes, I have a facility. So yeah. We did that and then Well, you know eventually we did this revival of the odd couple right off. You know when when I was a kid I had What was called the fireside theater a play of the month club. And I play that I got. Was the odd couple. It's hard bound copy of the odd couple. Random House. You know in black and white photos of Arthur swelled photos of Walter Matthau and our Carney in the original cast and I remember I was very thrilling. You know to get this reading remember reading and I was like I don't know the sixth graders. Sticky and in a geography book and reading it. Yeah well. Eventually need done I done a candidate the Kennedy Center Honors He had been honored I had done. One of the one of the week it was me Christie Ramzi and Sin Cesar. Christine and I would do speeches from his plays and then Sid Caesar would talk in foreign. GIBBERISH. You know we killed killed. Every he would just start talking fake French or German or amazing, and then we will go back then I, did a speech from the odd couple and then eventually. Years later you this ladder and he said you know I want. I. Want to see you do the whole thing and. I've held onto the rights and I want you I want you to do it. And and so so then that's what sort of led to this. Ivory and Matthew was just the obvious your chemistry with him. So obviously natural and charming that was was he the obvious choice on? Yes. Yeah. Yeah and then you know it didn't hurt that we've done this little thing called the produce writes sure. What was a rather terrifying moment of? When we started because before we even went into rehearsal. It had sold twenty, one million dollars worth of tickets Oh. My God. Yes and I remember Matthew is like well, that's not good. He said. Well that's not good which is because people have heightened expectations. Expectations were hot. Yeah. Yes and are you playing? Are you alternating Oscar Felix eat talked about that? We talked about doing that, and then it was seems just hard enough to do the tar one price. So we didn't, we didn't wind up doing the UH. Hoffman and John C Reilly did true worse. Yeah. Yeah. Because the the two of you there doesn't seem to be a natural certainly physically it's not oh, naturally one of you is should play one they've gone you know we could of. Point we had a lunch and he said. He's all the jokes and I said I, wanted to do I said, why don't you I'll I'll play Felix Oscar Almond said now you know they'll have. The cartoon. Outside on the marquee never mind. Of Harm No. Luck. It was a thrill. It's such a classic American comedy and. I Love, you? All these legends that you've worked with we're talking about is there anyone you love you've yet to work with that? You would. Just publicly address. Publicly. Address appeal to them. Is there somebody that you're dying to work with that? You've yet to Nathan all? Yeah. Well, okay. You know like like Deniro. Yeah Deniro in Scorsese Yeah. Yeah. Sure. Who Lead the navy entertaining dreadful city of angels and they see me as this grizzled lapd detective. They might consider me for something..

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