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Their mentality how they were are able to do what they do And just not the physical aspect of of mental aspect of it you have to entertain in entertaining and one of the things i cried. The work on is with my teacher. Ivana chubby who. I've been working with for twenty plus years on everything We bring net sardonic sense of humor to it. We bring that sense of character drive to the conflicts. That's where the entertainment lies in. Were very real with it and They're they're great. It's a great character the play. It's exhausting mentally confusing a lot of times but a thoroughly enjoy it and Again we we love to get into the the relationships outside of of those missions and they carry with them into their mission. So that's what's been very unique for us to explore so how how often after you're shooting something. That's so intense. You just everyone just has to be silent and just like okay we've got to regroup and just because it's not something you could imagine could go in and out of decompression that happens I attend to a really like the conflicting characters soup for some reason You know. I've i've done well with them. I think with this with jason as Yeah it does get intense and last season was very intense and for me. It was to play that character and go in and have these. Ptsd moments in these flashbacks and the rage and frustration. Man to do those scenes in and be able to step back. Is you know techniques for that. You know that we as actors implore and get into It you have to compartmentalize it and kinda move on and we have a lighthearted set in You know we play music to have a lot of fun and it's it's a great great crew. I know everybody gets on. And we got the best crew in hollywood or the best crew shot with really do these guys great with they go through and Just the adversities. We go through together. We bring that to the forefront. You know. I think it gets a little bit lost in the shuffle because they consider it a military show and You know call what you may but we call it a character dr of development and like you said seeing these characters outside is fascinating fascinating plot to be part of what. What have you learned about yourself. Plan to be some. You know for for me. Because i work very much in tune with a not a classically trained actor i'm very much street oriented and i take my experiences in use them a lot. I learned a lot through. You know Myong conflicts and how to apply that to this character specifically.

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