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And north Miami Beach North bound on the turnpike midway between red and 27th Avenue, Broken down car blocking the right lane. Three. No brand news Radio, 6 10 Y o V JUST couple of spotty showers on 6 10 Doppler radar 90 degrees in Davey. It's 93 in Sweetwater at 401 Governor Rhonda status in Washington this afternoon is President Trump Signed executive orders, he says will lower prescription drug prices before orders I'm signing today will completely restructure the prescription drug market. In terms of price. You get everything else to make these medications affordable and accessible for all Americans from sales governor to Santis has been at the forefront of this initiative. Meanwhile, five new federal covert 19 testing sites, but I will put in Broward and Miami Dade 1000 Corona virus tests per day will be conducted at thes Drive through sites, which will be open from am until six PM for anyone five and older, regardless of symptoms. Shared. Moskowitz, director of the Florida Division of Emergency Management, says because of the spike in South Florida, more testing sites or coming out of Florida is doing some of the most ping in the country. We have ah, significant testing infrastructure, even the sites that were not in control of we're providing collection kit in the lab, he says. Testing his key to stopping the spread. The state Department of Health reports an additional 12,444 new cases today, Miami Dade and Broward combined account from his 40% of them. Wendi Grossman. NewsRadio 6 10 W Y o D. Check out the list of testing locations and learn how to make an appointment online at W i od dot com The crew's.

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