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See his ankle kind of go in a direction that it's not supposed to go and somehow we got to the bed she walked back to the locker room but he looked in real bad shape so he's done and now they go with Luke Falk is any watchers daycare weeks in a row Washington state quarterback gets to the rescue how about that well known to to. meanwhile they're losing the game sixteen to three with eleven minutes left in the third. and I have to say that this guy I've already seen Garrick pound him to the turf he does body slammed in about five minutes ago the beginning of the third on the first drop back he got hammered he just thrown to the ground as a little surprising get a flag for the sack as he did just pick them up and throw it down on a shoulder he could have blown a shoulder out on that play than it would add what would they have done and. no one that no one would just started direct snap the love you about the rest of the game but like it as their attacking these guys like no one's business and I've got to run around as a call not just the one he's got to look at yeah transaction to rough in the past all three sake drop in classical I thought he said I got one another on the one on fall now in a sack and again at the goal line I mean they're just torturing this kid they either season's over. season over them all I know do you believe that's hard seasons over with Mason road off overseas and over eating they could win some games. I think it's gonna be very hard for them I got to see him play did you see enough when he came into that game yesterday to think that they can win games well I thought I gotta give another week he kept them in the game they were in the game it was a good.

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