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Bishop also known as Katrina Muller without the hashtag Asprey, do you think congress has the duty to impeach or just the power to impeach is the distinction important to this question? So that that's a very thoughtful and difficult question, Katrina, and I probably need to think about it. More deeply the duty to do something Bertha's the power to do something the way I thought about my thority when I was a US attorney in prosecutor was clearly, we have the power to bring charges. We have the power to indict particular people if we thought it was in the interests of Justice to do so. And I suppose overall, we thought there was a duty to do Justice in the duty to protect the public and the duty to hold people accountable. I don't know that I thought about it as I have a duty any particular case versus just the power in a particular case to bring a chart, but I suppose depending on the circumstances, they're sort of was duties is a is a deeply complex, moral philosophical. I think question and powerless, though the having the power to do something simply a matter of you, having the authority vested in you by statute, or some other regulation or delegation of authority from some higher power. Your question reminds me about another thing. I've been thinking about with respect to this night, and I tweeted about it this past weekend. They spent all day Saturday thinking about some of these issues and, and what I would talk about with an milligram on the insider podcast in what I might write in that newsletter in, so I treated the following I said, so you're a house. Dem you're not sure impeachment is electorally smart. But you are sure impeachment is constitutionally warranted based on the facts. What is the right thing to do? Isn't duty, your word greater than political speculation, especially since everyone has basically sucked at the latter apologize to my parents for the use of the verb sucked. And as I think about your question further it probably is the case. If you have the view that there's overwhelming evidence someone committed some transgression, and you also have the power to hold that person accountable. Then I think, yeah, in a manner of speaking, you do have a duty the reason I sent that tweet is I'm recognizing on the part of Democrats. They're hesitating on the part of Nancy Pelosi and others. And as I'm taping this on Wednesday morning, there was apparently a meeting of the caucus of Democrats with Nancy Pelosi with various people discussing how to proceed on this issue, this very issue of, whether you call them impeachment proceedings or not is unclear. But what are you supposed to do? And so I understand that as a political prediction matter. If you think the most important thing for America. And I actually think this is correct. If you the most important thing for America in the world. In the next couple of years is for Donald Trump to be defeated in twenty twenty and then you also think based on your reading of semi ancient history from twenty years ago that proceeding with impeachment will undermine the ability to defeat Donald Trump in two thousand twenty then I get why you might have some hesitation. Because if in good faith, you're still working towards this important election. You don't want anything to get in the way of that. And so I get that the problem is, as I said, in the subsequent tweet on Saturday, that I was making a point about some dubious calculations I see being made by members members of congress, knee jerk timidity based on nine hundred ninety eight jitters is not leadership..

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