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Showed it over and over again they tore down a bronze statue of the soldier they've got laws preventing local all governments from removing the monuments without higher approval not all states have those laws um you know they did poll after poll after poll sixty two percent of americans believe they should remain as historical symbols and uh surprisingly forty four percent of african americans responded and agreed uh i mean that was probably is important to them a pivotal point in the nation's history is far as african americans than just about anything else uh good call remaining i appreciate it very much dusty in new york city dusty thank you for waiting i appreciate it uh how you doing dusty dealer time thank you um i had to get a perspective i come from the family it kennedy country it for a long time and death ranching by uh terry greatgrandfather own the property way the klu klux klan to score in class 10 feet and uh there was a shed initially formed hit eighteen sixty five or six and then there was a little plaque on the shed that said this was where the ku klux klan was formed and that was owned by my third greatgrandfather and then it's uh their started to be a revival of the klu klux klan kind of sentiment in the '60s 50s people people used to come around to that shared every year and have these gathering where they would come emirate the founding of the klu klux klan this turned off the people polaski so much that we all got together and turns took took that plaque and turned it around so you couldn't even read it left it on there for historic purposes but no longer was it talking about the klu klux klan or a place where people would gather to revere the founding of the ku klux klan that was a hero which revis none of us want to relive my friend well no i don't know why nobody's adding to relive vinnie thing uh you can iran and review the air i'm i mean i want your i'm not doing what you're lean dear okay when we finish my sentence no one wants to revere anything or memorialize or hold up something i mean if that were the case if you were going to decommission everything that had been done in this country.

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