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The pile-on because that was I mean that was close to being one of those fumble touchback talk year furious but it worst but I watched heartland correct him right afterwards a position he also hasn't played excellent him and Josh Meyers are the two that I watch and I'm like why they need to play better and so in even Ryan Days I agree with Ryan except they didn't rotate Josh Alabi played six naps in the game compared to brandon bow and impasse pro and allow to pressures he graded zero percent pass Bro and like I said prior to this game that has been his strong suit he's been the highest graded pastor on the offensive line and on the tight ends dolphins aligned really bounce back and the best thing I saw the the most encouraging thing as as someone who wants the Buckeyes to be successful was the tight end play and most importantly Luke Pharrell Luke Pharrell was like third highest graded offense had a big touchdown he played how he how I've been almost angrily bitching that he should be playing because he's more than capable and he finally did it and it's like that's that's what I'm looking for yeah I mean that's what you've been waiting for right I mean I've been complaining like Oh man it's time to go like you're the guy yeah and I think the other thing that it was impressive to me is they put up over three hundred yards rushing on one of the best rushing defense in the country Oh that was a huge huge huge point and and and and Jake was jk dobbins finally finally and I've been critical not critical I've been fairly evaluative of Jacob Dobbins he has had some like a handful of explosive runs that have increased inflated his numbers and I've always said he needs to be a little bit more consistent needs to be a much better pass protector and I need to see that Ezekiel Elliott that Jonathan Taylor because I've I've never seen it from him ever I saw on Saturday yeah and that's what I was going to bring up is it's interesting because statistically him and Jonathan Taylor are not that different yeah but you watch the film I know he's not Taylor but I will tell you this that the long run he had the sixty seven year run literally I watched it and I said Whoa Yeah I've known this kid I mean I watched him in on highschool film I watched him as a freshman a sophomore wash. I've watched this kid more than anyone that is talking on any podcasts or radio I've watched practices I've watched everything and I've never seen what I saw on that six seven yard run I've never seen him his increase and people are closing in and there was a breakaway speed that I'm I literally when it happens it holy shit like I it was the one that was gonna be like that's that's why he's not elite because he got tripped up because he doesn't know he he showed it and it's a testament to Mickey Mirada Testament what he had to do if he wanted to become an elite back which I think he's not you can't put them in up there with Jonathan Taylor right now people that are trying to do that not yet but I would say this literally last week when we recorded the show I would have I mean adamantly fought anyone that said he was even in the conversation he's in the conversation and I don't care what it says about that one run showed me he's in the conversation but the real story here is the defense and I'm GonNa Start the conversation about the defense off with one thing and one thing only what a pick six by Jordan fuller unreal I don't give a shit what anyone says I don't care what the stats say I don't care what the big ten refs in Jim Delany say I don't care what none of them say that was a pick six I'm not taking that away from him I mean what a bogus football right now the problem is they see an issue and they over correct it's like don't get me wrong I hold on I've coached it I've taught it pull up cut up to show you dangerous crack blocks I I was the worst offender but because it was legal and I coached my guys to be tough ass receivers we'll how do we how do we classify it how how do we detail it how do we write that narrative and it's like no no no it's real simple did he just like blind hey that's outrageous Barron's the cost that is just I don't understand it I don't understand how that is even considered illegal crack block I will never understand so just about that one call because that is the NCAA and the referee association or whatever it is at its finest it brings me to a question who had the best crack block of your guys in your time Oh man so my favorite by far because he was only because he was such a great player on defense is Marcus Allen at Penn State and it wasn't it wasn't dirty it wasn't like not looking but terry maclaurin push cracked Marcus Allen on and if anyone knows anything about my career you WanNa talk about perimeter run game then you can say what you want about me as a receiver coach and I'll fight you on it but there's one thing that no one can ever debate the best perimeter blocking receivers in the United States of America I coached him because we blocked a perimeter I'm talking like crazy like we would not be able to run the ball between the tackles but in an behind the offensive line which all they do is run block and it'd be like we'll do but Tara maclaurin push crack Marcus Allen and laid him on his locked him once the first time he did Landon Collins quipped plane and I'm telling you right now you WANNA find out watch watch the film the menace to.

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