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And we we are the least physical team I've seen in a very long time. Like I can't remember the last time I think the last time you know we had We had physical character guys that would work and grind and hit and fight and Was a long, long time ago here in Buffalo, and we need Players like this. Instigators w gr Sports Radio 5 50 MSG I want to talk about CU trough for a minute. Craig Button coming up. You can call us a tow three. Oh, 5 58 85 52 5 50. You can tweet at Craig Reveille 52 or at the instigators after having the having the weekend to just think about everything that happened last week. What would you do? If you were the general manager of the sabers, What would you do? I mean, if you're open for business, we're having Craig button on an 11 o'clock and we'll ask him. What would you do if he was general manager Kevyn Adams. What would he Why would he do if he was the GM of another team? And what assets would he give up for a player like Jack Eichel? Is Jack movable in his current condition? In his opinion, hey, has a list of the top 75 drafted prospects that aren't playing in the league. Yet. Seven of them are with the L. A kings s, so we'll talk to him about that. That's a team that's been rumored in Jack Eichel trades. Um, So there is still a lot to talk about in that regard, but you can call us a tow three. Oh, 5 58 85 52 5 15 love to know what you do with this team. I love to know if you agree with Craig. Because Kevin Adams uses a word connectivity. Ah lot, and I feel like that type of team that type of game that we saw last night directly correlates and relates to the fan base here in Buffalo. That you talked about with the type of hockey that they want. Blue collar hardworking, you know, no, Quit. You know, guts on the table. Lay it all out there. That's the type of hockey These fans have always appreciated and it doesn't have to be fighting. I understand..

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