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That's a new Trump tweet the morning after special counsel Muller statement that if his investigation found the president did not commit a crime. He would've said, so and Justice department policy hampered him charging the president with a crime. Was there for not an option? We could consider prompting House Judiciary committee chairman Jerry Nadler to say to congress to respond to the crimes lies and other wrongdoing of President Trump. We will do so now more from the other side. Fox's Rachel Sutherland live in Washington date, calling Robert Mueller highly conflicted. The president tweeted the special counsel would have brought charges if he had anything. But there were no charges to bring President Trump's lawyer really deal Yanni says there was nothing new Imola statement, not a single, new fact. No smoking gun, not even a single new on. White House press secretary Sarah Sanders says it's time to move on. It's sad. The way that the Democrats are going to continue to try to carry this out. Frankly, the American people have been through enough Sanders said the White House is prepared for impeachment, but at the American people don't deserve that, Dave, Rachel people in Iowa, and Texas now cleaning of tornado damage at into the areas hit this week. This Ohio woman was trapped when a twister hit her home. The flashlight. Neighbor on both sides. When in Kentucky man was killed when a roof was blown off a building and landed on the car. He was driving a little girl in California. Maybe a record baby savy was born at twenty three weeks in December. Wait only about eight ounces. But a San Diego hospital says she's now gone home, healthy up to five pounds. Or mom says don't wanna cry. Spring, so grateful for that. All right. One, the savy was born, so prematurely daughters told the father, he would have about an hour to spend with the baby before she died. Now, his daughter is believed to be the tiniest baby to ever survive. This is Fox News. Deal so that, oh two. Good morning. I'm Mark Caesar. This update is brought to you by hedge. Cock dental an investigation is underway into vandalism aimed at combined law enforcement association of Texas. President Charlie Wilkerson video shows someone taking a large rock and smashing Wilkerson. Rear, windshield Clete lobbyists. Chris Jones tells cave you was probably a targeted attack from activists who were angry about the defeat of legislation. I call them hate groups who have narrative that we believe is totally incorrect. In fact, one of the advocates for that group basically cussed out. Our executive director Jones says that happened one day after the legislative session came to an end when the finals of the scripts, national spelling, bee's start this morning. Austin's the Jamila will be competing. Julie is among eight Texans in the national finals of that spelling bee and as a student at keeling middle school. The downtown often alliances urging. The city council not to repeal the rules against aggressive panhandling. Downtown Austin city council will consider easing some of those rules, but the alliance's Bill Bryson says there are real problems, letting people camp wherever they want, we've seen this happen in Seattle and San Francisco, Portland and stand Diego where they had hepatitis, c outbreak because of the extensive camping in public places where it's not appropriate for people to camp. The city could also repeal panhandling. Ordinances which rice points out protect against doing so around schools, childcare, centers, ATM's, and more. John Kelly, NewsRadio kale be Texas association of businesses, applauding state lawmakers for adding billions of dollars to public school funding. Andres Al Qatar says this will allow students more exposure to career and technical education is critical because kids will not be able to take floor and understand what jobs are being created by manufacturers. And I'll send what the IT committee is providing in terms of career opportunity. They'll be able to. Take them in healthcare, and these other industries. And he says the full day pre k for some four year olds will also be a key improvement in the system seven oh, four at kale BJ, here's Austin's on time traffic.

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