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Seven seven three eight one three eight one one well the viruses now sexist and racist it's anti men an anti minority this is something that must be addressed you know not a vaccine for everybody not third piece for it not on it's now sexist and racist man in particular in minority men particularly African Americans the answer is well known the answer is well known in terms of the various morbidities when they do the studies based on their race and sex and all this other stuff so it's no different with so many of the other illnesses like heart disease and heart attacks and diabetes and so forth which I don't believe we care about as much anymore because I don't hear much about that doing Mister producer I think if we took the amount of times this virus has been talked about in compared to the amount of times heart disease has been discussed in the last fifty years I won't even come close or cancer in the last fifty years won't even come close he had the carnage that heart disease and cancer among others because in this society is enormous it's just that it doesn't flood our hospitals all at once so it doesn't get the attention of the media that's for sure media have a very short attention span one other thing I want to mention on the side before I get back to this to this a document that we've been talking about that I've been talking about put out there by the government on statistics that would be the division of vital statistics there's a gentleman by the name of Glenn Fein who the president removed today who is supposed to be the acting person in charge of the committee overseeing the transparency the spending of this money Glenn fine it's been bouncing around in the federal government a long time the Clinton administration brought him is in the inspector general of the department of justice early on I know Glenn fine haven't talked a man half a century but I know Glenn finally went to the same high school he was wonder two years older than than I and even back then it was a Liberal Democrat he's always been a Liberal Democrat so the media get in an uproar you know why the media are in an uproar three being a conservative Republican all his life they wouldn't give a damn that would be a story also I have to say these press conferences are going on too long in my opinion because we're getting journalists now who basically write down what Shurmur and polluting the Democrats say and put those pop talking points in the form of a question so whatever the Democrat and left wing agenda is becomes a question by the press you can see it every day you can you can make book on it every day same damn thing all right now you pay off your IRS debt if you could particularly now right the IRS is very hot truck but let's say you can't because especially now you know the money and now you're asking this important question is this the day the Irish shows up at my work garnishes my wages and seizes my bank accounts maybe even my own let me.

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