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You know, they don't want to have a pet even a bird or a turtle 'cause they die, you might as well not be born. This is what happens in life, and you just say what my daughter not be born. His people and everything. That's born will die have the and you have to the free, and I hate to bring you down. Say okay, don't want you getting out of this place alive. Or you can get a Paktis and they stay alive. The guy can't take anything in my cat song. There. Every bottle. So easy. It's the easiest thing in my passing room. Not really share with little kids, what that is. What you. Well, there are lots of things you can do. I'll tell you what my mom did really fast. My mom was a head start teacher. And so at Halloween, she left the, you know, they all scooped up the pumpkin and, and so people would come and say you should throw the pumpkin away. She said, no, no. I want them to see what happens. I want them to know not to be afraid that never does this. So they watched the pumpkin what it did. And how it lost all that the gases that came up, and then the entire class Meredith, that's coming months later. One of the kids grandparents passed away, and he was not like this because he said to his mom, you know, everything does that. So you have to I think you have to be smart with you, 'cause it's like not having the sex talk. You must talk to them about sex, some bad stuff and happen. You know what it is? Is that good? I can't a pumpkin as a pet. Very good. We'll be right back. We would like to thank apple.

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