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On the line these officers laid their families every day to go out not knowing that they're going to come home Williams served in the Air Force he was buried this afternoon at Alabama's national cemetery for the military bring him couple charged with capital murder in his death making their first court appearance today and a judge the nine bonded to peer Johnson and R. creature Tyson more people protest around the state today calling for reform after the shooting of George the killing I should say of George Floyd this group in Jacksonville today holding signs with slogans like no justice no peace and shouting George Floyd's name words exchanged between members of two different groups during a mostly peaceful protest and blunt county this afternoon at protests started a little brick church in Anjana demonstrators carrying signs singing chanting and praying as they remember the life of Floyd while expressing a desire to end police brutality and racial injustice we are less than two hours away tonight from Birmingham city curfew officially ended at midnight which means protests could resume tomorrow the curfew was a response to civil unrest across the city after people and then park last Sunday night tried unsuccessfully to bring that Confederate monuments down protestors in Minneapolis this weekend telling the city's mayor to go home when he refused to de fund the city's police department but the city council says it's going to explore the concept so what does that look like exactly it is anybody in Birmingham making that request radio tonight talking to city leaders over the weekend Birmingham received some criticism from protesters about the amount of money given to the police department versus social services protester Robert Rosenkrantz demanding de funding local police departments calling out to Birmingham ninety million dollars for the police fifty thousand for social services that eighteen hundred fold difference the term de funding the police to some it may sound like completely dismantling departments but head of ACLU Alabama Randall Marshall says that's not what most protesters are asking for the notion of de funding the police or divesting from the least is to take away some of the work that's been lumped on them over the years putting police in schools are putting police he handled the mental health crisis every police handle almost as what we're calling for is to take the resources that are going to be leased apartments for those things and get them into other facilities and personnel that are going to actually help deal with the underlying root cost Birmingham city councilor hunter Williams chair of the public safety committee says he's proud of the progress B. P. D. is made over the years to match the demographic of the community which he says helps build the relationship between neighbors and officers I think that.

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