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The fog murky tomorrow morning with more showers and fog around there may be some brightening in the afternoon high seventy three then partly sunny eighty seven for high on sunday with a chance of a thunderstorm in a few spots it would be cooler in the cape in the islands and muggy on monday lateday thunderstorms i'm wbz tv meteorologist berry bag on wbz news radio ten thirty it is much mostly cloudy and boston right now sixty seven degrees with showers on the docket for the sat wbz news time nine fifty five and now to sail boston 2017 the navy ship uss whitby island well be the viewing platform for dignitaries for tomorrow's grand parade of sale it will also be all open for public viewing over the next week wbc span parker was on board as a whitby island arrived in boston harbor yesterday we left aboard navy mh sixty helicopters from heads of field arch jury us as we'd be island some five miles off the coast of boston hook us on a breathtaking trip over the city and then i'll just sepak calves allowing georgia's island in boston lied once on board some time the lord about the best the commission denied unity vibe aversion to her glass ship we'd be island is a leading dock ship hell began wsb goes common go read many of the ship's master jeep unlike most ship so we have a wellbacked that we can wide and that allows us to take various types of water grabbed inside of the belly of the ship as a word and so that allows us to dig smaller graft transport the long distances and then when it's one were a bridging wherever our destination is we can ends and those small round out from us and i make new the short trip to the needs of big ships in uttar neither the long with an eighty four void be upwards of one hundred crew members at could have as many as eight hundred on board of needs to get everyone around so we have more diesel engines for belgium and they may turn into to propose bruce and more legible generators that provide no advice a group gummy here for sale.

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