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Stayed in touch with them i know how smart he is i know what an execute or is he is i knew everything that i needed to know to say hey do i want to put my professional speaking career on hold and my business coaching career on hold omi were little radio show on hold to go make history with the president of the united states duh of course i do and that i knew if i could get them the win in iowa will first off he told me i have to win iowa or i will not be the next president and i knew if i got him the win here i'd have a trump card forever and on in item while meant yeah that you know this it is a huge accomplishment i away is the state you got gotta win iowa and uh what i really like about your story is that you've known this guy for a long time because it seems to me there's this extremely tedious debate a started by trump's critics on the right really over whether donald trump is a complete nincompoop he's a total doled as the never trumpers crowd disingenuously mox he he's playing four dhs those are the two options the quiz critics on the right they says other adult or he is playing twelve deed dimensional chess i for one don't think it's either and i am a trump supporter and i don't know any trump supporter who thinks he's playing 12 digest i just think he's quite good at the media and i suspect that the guy who has remained relevant for forty years and succeeded at the highest levels of four extremely competitive industries might be smarter than your average club yoon have known for a long time how would you describe the man personally he he's actually the smartest man that i know and my husband follows right underneath that at my husband's a scientist graduated magna cum laude a at florida state east meteorologist brilliant so when i say he's trump is the smartest man i know i i'm that's not throwing that around lightly he is three steps ahead of everyone uh he he predicts what's coming like all these i was on tv.

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