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This week's rock almanac what's the good word rogers in rollers it's me bald free ground here to take you on a trip back in time to this week in rock and roll history starting in nineteen sixty nine when the beatles make their last ever public appearances a group performing on the roof of apple studios in london the performance film for the let it be movie is stopped by police due to noise violations in 1974 keith emerson injures his hands when a rigged piano prematurely explodes during a concert in san francisco in nineteen 76 genesis releases a trick of the tail their first album to feature drummer phil collins has the full timely vocalist following the departure of peter gabriel and this week in 1990 the black rosalie their debut album shake your money maker a staple on rock radio with me richly jealous again twice as hard and she talks the angels there's a look back at this week's rock almanac by sir two and if you were to read the constitution or if you have read the constitution and i urge you to read it in the short is to the point is no mess in a around no wasted words constitutions not very long he can read it in a few minutes but one of the things that you will really clearly take away is it it is a barebones skeletal outline of how you're one of government and because it is a barebones skeletal outline of how you run a government there's lots and lots of gaps in open spaces and empty air and questions and how about this it's not an encyclopedia of ten thousand books with magical answers to every possible question could ever pop up these dudes wrote this thing in the seventeen amy hits who it would have twenty been way two out of date and winter olympics by now if they hadn't just stuck too vague principles like no uh for example uh unreasonable searches and seizures always like the fourth amendment go into the fourth amendment no unreasonable searches and seizures what does that mean well whatever men seventeen aviator seventeen 92 or 18 twelve wore nineteen of six meaning changes the meaning changes over time this is why the constitution has lasted so long but one of the consequences of this is this lots and lots of discretion in each of the three branches of.

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