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Oh, well, I also have a QB question. I am wondering if Aaron Rodgers is okay with his injury, or if I should go ahead and play Kirk cousins. It's tough on Rogers because he admits he's slow by the injury and it could cost him games this season. If you're reading between the lines cousins has that great matchup my concern cousins is it could be like the Baltimore week, one matchup where flacco not and had a great star of the game. They got so far ahead. He sat down the only played half a game. I've got cousins rated sweatless head of Rogers because of it Rogers has more upset with and looking percentage play. I'm going cousins to Zuza this time and Anthony, Anthony, you're on with the football scientists. Can you see Joyner morning guys on the going? Was that all right? My question is if I should start up, it's Patrick against Pittsburgh or the Shawn Watson, it gets giants. Fitzpatrick's. Got I. I like that matchup. I think this dealers are probably going to play a lot better in their secondary. They've simplified their coverages and Joe hate him aback this week. You saw their shutdown corner. So having him out really heard their defensive last week and a half though I think that's Patrick's going to do well, but I don't see a four touchdown night at him Watson, that's the most favorable blocking mismatch of the week. The Houston blocking should destroy the giants rush defense and their their pass rush. I think the Texans are gonna be able to do everything they want to do. So Watson's the twenty point guy and playing them this week, we look at the Dallas Cowboys in debt Prescott against the Seattle Seahawks might team, or you look at car against the Miami Dolphins, which one of those guys should I put on the bench. I'd probably put car on the bench just because they're the past bog, has been good, but he's still not taking enough further goal. Chances downfield and Dak the Seattle front seven is not graded out very well. There about a third of the league team and. Doc also runs the ball to unexpecting. His been rushing about very much of late. I expect that they're going to have him do more of that. When you add those two together, he says a lot more upset. Casey Joyner, the football scientists open your with your fantasy football questions for the weekend. In fact, we have one here in house. Casey Maggie. Got shaggy, shaggy. He wants to know Casey what the hell's he's supposed to do with Levy on bell. He picked him first overall. I know there's a lot of people pick them in their drafts and I five picks. What do you do with them? Casey. He's too valuable to to Terada can't. I was dropped. Hi, do try and train them. I would. I turn trade, I probably would. I think alot for him, I think that he if it'd be going to sell well, but you gotta hope these. There's a way you can pitch the upside to somebody for maybe a late-season playoff run. If I'm going to keep her league, I'm thinking a train them to keep really gonna. I'm not doing well. Okay. Well, maybe I'm I'm playing for next year and saying, okay, I'm gonna. Go ahead and sell them low because he has to show up, but we tend to get into crude year to be free agent next year. So I'm trying to play for that. If I'm trying to play the outside, let's go back to the phones this time and west Covina and Daniel. Daniel, you're on with Casey Joyner. Yeah, Chris, Thomson for Redskins and the Pierre league or Pat rado from the Niners. The forty Niners run blocking it was graded out exceptionally well and Breda has he? I think he leads the league in rushing and he's got a double digit, showing my good blocking Archer attempt category that measures how productive one that gives me gets good balking. So those are all exceptional numbers for him in the PR Ligo Thompsons catching so many passes and he is such a central part and I like their match of two. So I am probably starting Thompson just because the PR league got thinking, get double-digit targets. I'm Brita still kind of split with Morris. All right. ESPN senior football analyst and fantasy football expert? Casey joiners here getting ready for the weekend and your fantasy football lineup. Tarzana the valley Mitch Mitchell with Casey Joyner..

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