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I think there's this assumption out there that. Brian. Michael Benda's and I don't get along or something like that, and the fact is where rents. At its orders from. Okay. So and I think everybody started has had idea that's not the case when When Brian I came to DC he and I and a couple of folks from DC went out to lunch in Brian was telling me right from the star, his plans for the character and how he was going to age John and Used giral things like that. Great. You go for it and part of it is where he wanted to get with John. Being part of the Legion of superheroes which I totally understand and and the idea that you would have a super boy who is a core member of the region of superheroes is. Very. Much what the Legion is all about those of you who know the Legion of superheroes in its history service totally on board with it and and I think there are always ways that if if they wanted to do. Kind of a series of stories that that tell the untold stories of Superman and Lois in young John. When he was still you know eight years old that I, think you could still have your cake to that. You can do both but certainly, I, don't have a problem with this idea that you wanna take John Ken as super boy and make 'em this foundational core member of the Legion of superheroes because that's the history in a lot of respects of what the has always been. Make sense I I hated that they aged him and took him away from Superman. I loved that story of Superman being the DAD Then I hated that's gone but jer and I understand that reaction to and as I said, I, you know we've seen this many times in comments ban. You know this Untold Tales of whatever character whether it's Batman or Inevitably. Darn I make. There's still there's still should be a way to do some of the stories for the people who like that burst at that doesn't mean you can't have both somehow because again. Yes comics we we should be able to do a lot more than we. All right. So that was. Part of my interview and fills interview with danger against that's a little bit you're going to get. is a little odd and shaky because it's from different parts of the conversation. But I do say go listen to Cape some lunatics and the night wing news in check out the full interview with Dan. All right and remember Payton Sky..

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