Dopamine, Nucleus Accumbens, One Hundred Dollars discussed on Mark Bell's Power Project


You're pretty hungry so at first you're like i won't have any then next thing you know you you reach for one and then you have three and then you ask for more yeah right yeah and it's and you and you just suck down a lot of bread then you know then you eat your meal and you had a steak and all these other things with it that's no longer that appetizing because you just truck through a bunch of bread with butter on salt and that that tasted really good and so you don't even eat the healthiest part of your your meal you're not even getting in your fats and proteins from your steak you eat about half that you're full and then what do you do you order dessert physiologically to write your body starts craving that stuff immediately because it gets that huge dopamine hit right yet that the nucleus accumbens in your brain right that little spot in your brain where your your body is grabbing for dopamine as soon as you eat that bread and it's turns into sugar and it starts producing dopamine and you go that was awesome i want more so than your regular meal comes in you're like i don't want this gave me the ice cream or giving the desert i want that same brush again i want that seem just compounds like you're saying you think about like these these food companies you know companies that that make things like doritos like the most expensive thing you can buy most restaurants usually a steak you know you can go to a nice restaurant and get one hundred dollars steak or even some places to three hundred i mean it could be off the charts depending on where where you go in which you get but if you eat a dorito which is like i mean how much is a bag readers what did i don't even know what it costs just four bucks.

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