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Park, 56° in fairfax 53° on the national mall Money news antenna 40 passed the hour good afternoon Jeff play ball just to be clear there is no such thing as a veggie. Rough day again for the markets the Dow down 385 points, a 1% loss, the S&P 500 down 44. That's 1%. The NASDAQ down 86 points a little less than 1%. All the volatility this weekend is still a winning week. The S&P 500 Index gained one and a half percent for the week, the NASDAQ was up almost four and a half percent. The Washington metro's unemployment rate rose to 3% in January. That is still one of the lowest metro jobless rates, but it was a jump from two and a half percent in December. Among big cities, Miami had the lowest January unemployment rate. 2.3%, Alexandria residents have a new broadband choice, Charlottesville based ting Internet has begun service with its fiber optic network in the city, including free Internet service to residents at affordable housing projects, ting is $89 a month. It competes with Comcast and Fios in Alexandria. Jeff Klebold news. By the way, money news is brought to you by pen fed credit union, great rates for everyone. It's four 42, and Hollywood is mourning the loss of Baltimore actor Lance Reddick, who died today at the age of 60. Reddick's breakthrough role came as detective Johnny basil in the HBO prison drama Oz, he's perhaps best known as lieutenant Cedric Daniels in the beloved HBO crime series the wire. Other TV roles included fringe Bosch in American Horror Story. He also earned a sag award nomination as part of the ensemble cast of one night in Miami. On the big screen, they played the concierge at the continental hotel in the John Wick franchise. He will now appear posthumously in the fourth installment due out later this month. Many students go broke just trying to get an education because of rising college costs. President Biden's proposed budgets would give D.C. families of financial boost to deal with that rising tuition. More from WTO's Mitchell Miller today on the hill. Students who attend college out of state can currently get up to $10,000 a year to help defray costs under the D.C. tuition assistance grant or D.C. tag. D.C. delegate Eleanor Holmes Norton has proposed legislation that would raise that to $15,000 annually. The D.C. tag for policy tuition access grants is the most important item in the president's budget. At least as far as Norton's priorities are concerned, though it could be a tough sell for House Republicans trying to rein in spending. Norton is disappointed, Congress blocked the D.C. criminal code amid concerns it would lighten some penalties, but she believes with a few revisions the code can be revived. On Capitol Hill, Mitchell Miller, WTO, news. Coming up here on WTO, Hunter Biden sues the owner of a computer repair shop in

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